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Free Garden Advice - request some advice from our experts on your gardening projects and questions.


This section of the web site allows you access to expert help on gardening matters. Whether you have a gardening problem or just need some gardening information, this is the section for you. We normal try to answer as quickly as we can normally within 4 hours for straight forward questions and requests for advice, however if its a more complex request it can take up to 48 hours for us to get back to you. If you request is urgent please mention this in your request and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.



To Request free gardening advice Click here


You can request gardening advice or gardening related subjects  advice and information from the GardenAdvice team by using  the link above. You can also request advice using our Facebook page and Twitter feed  Once we have received your request, we forward it to our most knowledgeable advisor on your particular question.  Once we have received your request you will receive a confirmation email.  Alternatively you can search our gardening tips and recent answers database for advice we have provided in the past to members and viewers . Click here


Our advice service is free and is available without the free membership to GardenAdvice.co.uk. However, we recommend that you take out the free membership as members receive priority. Click here for more details


If you have any problems with our online form or wish to email us some pictures please email us at the following address



If you have an ongoing gardening project then its worth considering our MyGardenTeam service which is designed to provide you with ongoing Gardenadvice from an expert on the GardenAdvice team especially assigned to you to provide you with ongoing advice.


Help your garden bee's with GardenAdvice plants for bee's project click here


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Answers to your questions by email and twitter


New - follow our MyGardenTeam twitter feed and see the advice we have provided you published to our GardenAdvice database http://twitter.com/mygardenteam




Tweet us a gardening question and we will tweet you back a link to your answer in

our GardenAdvice database written especially for your gardening advice request.