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Reducing Privet And Yew Hedges.

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Both Privet or yew Hedge can be reduced quite drastically and if care for following the reduction they will recover from dormant buds in the stems.
The reduction in the height is achieved by cutting back the hedges to the height required and then cutting back by a further 150 mm this is to allow for new growth.
To reduce the width prune back one side at a time allowing that side to recover before pruning back the other side of the hedge.In both the cases of yew and privet both can be cut back to the original central stems and will produce new growth from dormant buds in the stem to form a new hedge on that side.Its important once the hedge is cut back to water it well through the spring and summer months and feed it with a standard garden feed such as growmore,this will help to speed up the recovery.

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