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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Over the last few weeks we have been putting together a new section on gardening books. The section is designed with a number of GardenAdvice reviews to help you find recommended books on gardening and other related subjects. Below is a list of the first reviews to be published and each week a number of new gardening book reviews will be published.

Bugs, slugs and other Invaders - Sometimes its just no fun being a gardener all those aphids, slugs and other pests waiting to destroy your hard work and efforts. However that could all change if you read a book click here to read the full gardening book review.

Garden Design DetailsOften the first problem when designing any garden is finding the original inspiration the first founding idea, a theme. Its hard with any garden design but with gardens over an acre it can seem an impossible task to get started. click here to read the full gardening book review.

Grow Your Own Veg Carol KleinFor anyone hoping to start growing there own vegetables Grow Your Own Veg written by Carol Klein, published by Mitchell Beazley, is the ideal place to start. click here to read the full gardening book review.

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