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We need you help testing our new iphone app 


We need your help testing our new GardenAdvice App on iPhone before its full release. we are looking for 9 people with iPhones to test our new app where you will be able to send pictures and ask the GardenAdvice team questions directly from your iPhone 

In exchange we will be provide you with the MyGardenTeam plus service for a year plus £100 worth of plants for your garden.

All you have to do is download the app and use it to ask us some questions and then tell us about your user experience when using the iPhone app. If you would like to help us test our app just drop us an email at admin@gardenadvice.co.uk

GardenAdvice Bees Project- Free plants in our Plants for bees scheme


If your up to a bit of hard work then we could do with your assistance with our Bee Project.


Our bee project is designed to support over 10,000 mini Bee and other pollinating insects mini reserves created in our members and viewers gardens.


Whist its not possible with the resources available to us to carry out research in disease and pests effecting Bees it is possible with you help to create a network of gardens that provide Bees and other pollinating insects with a reliable supply of food and shelter in changing climate conditions. In simple terms the spring activity in plants, animals and insects is triggered mainly by accumulative light and temperatures levels designed to trigger the activity of insects such as bees and plants to work together to the benefit of both in respect of pollination and food sources.


With climate change effecting spring light and temperate acculturative levels to a different degree its often causing spring activity in Bees and other pollinating insects when no food source are available.


Our Bee Project is designed to create a number of gardens that contain food sources with flowers that provide a reliable source for pollinating insects in a wide range of local climatic conditions.


How you can help with our Bee project. Sign up your garden into our Bee project through our MyGardenTeam service which will involve the following

  1. Creating a simple site plan of your garden and work with our experts to create a planting design for your garden to benefit Bees and other pollinating insects
  2. Grow 50 plants for your garden in conjunction with the planting plan you have created with our experts from seed, rooted cuttings, compost and pots we will provide you with. Our MyGardenTeam service will provide you with all the advice and assistance you will need to make sure your raise the plants even if you do not have green fingers !!
  3. Observe and report for a minimum of 10 hours per year which involves observation and reporting on line about when you plants are flowering and how many visits they have received for insects over a period of an hour at a time you choose.


We expect the project to last for 3 years during which time you will receive monthly updates and advice as collective information from the scheme is turned into practical advice by our experts.


In return for you assistance you will be provided with our full MyGardenTeam service worth £110 per year which covers all your gardening projects with expert garden visits, feed lawn care up to 75 square metres and other benefits.


To Join our Bee project please visit our MyGardenTeam service