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Free Prize draw for a Gardenadvice two day gardening course for two people. 

just send us an email to competitions@gardenadvice.co.uk with gardening course in the subject line.

The prize draw is on the 1 February 2016 and the winner will be notified by email by the 5th February 2016


GardenAdvice Gardening Courses If you are new to gardening it's difficult to understand where to start with all the Latin plant names, different types of soils and different species of plants needing a range of growing conditions and environments. In response to this need and with feedback from our members and viewers the GardenAdvice Team have created a number of gardening courses especially created for the new gardener. The aim of our gardening courses is to provide you with a basic knowledge of gardening to get you started and provide you with ongoing advice from your own gardening expert for a full year through the Gardenadvice MyGardenTeam system.


Gardening course for beginners and new gardeners. Click Here

Gardening course for beginners for vegetable growing. Click here

Gardening course for Wildlife gardening. Click here




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