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How MyGardenTeam Can Help You?

Building your own Garden

Building your own Garden

If you are building a garden from new the MyGardenTeam service can save you a lot of time and money. ...

Grow your own veg

Grow your own veg

Its great to grow your own vegetables and fruit but its knowing when to start, knowing when to sow the seeds, what will...

Renovating a garden

Renovating a garden

If you have a garden thats overgrown and do not now were to start then the MyGardenTeam service is for you. Our experts...

New Garden design

New Garden design

If you what to create a garden from scratch or from new then the MyGardenTeam service is for you our gardening experts...

New Gardener

New Gardener

If you are new to gardening it can be hard to start, with all the books and advice around but this is were the...

Community Project

Community Project

If you are involved with a community project developing or caring for and outdoor space for the community our...

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Gardening courses as gifts

December 7th

If you are looking for a  great gift a partner that's keen on gardening or wishing to improve your garden a one day gardening course ...(No Comment)

Gardening courses as a Gift for Xmas in London

December 4th

Gardening courses created for beginners and new gardeners. Ideal Chrismas Gift Become a gardener with a GardenAdvice Gardening Course - great xmas present for the gardener ...(No Comment)

Lawn care that’s a bit more environmentally friendly 

May 13th

Lawns - environmental disaster areas. Most of us love a nice lawn but the price to the local environment can he high. The use of ...(No Comment)

Garden design concept plan 

April 27th

Every MyGardenTeam membership start with a garden visit from one of our experts resulting in a basic garden concept plan showing the garden we work ...(No Comment)

Free lawn care from GardenAdvice MyGardenTeam service 

April 26th

GardenAdvice lawn care With your MyGardenTeam service comes 75 square metres of free lawn care included in the price of the service based on two treatments ...(No Comment)