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How MyGardenTeam Can Help You?


Building your own Garden

If you are building a garden from new the MyGardenTeam service can save you a lot of time and money. ...


Grow your own veg

Its great to grow your own vegetables and fruit but its knowing when to start, knowing when to sow the seeds, what will...


Renovating a garden

If you have a garden thats overgrown and do not now were to start then the MyGardenTeam service is for you. Our experts...


New Garden design

If you what to create a garden from scratch or from new then the MyGardenTeam service is for you our gardening experts...


New Gardener

If you are new to gardening it can be hard to start, with all the books and advice around but this is were the...


Community Project

If you are involved with a community project developing or caring for and outdoor space for the community our...

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Garden decking project

January 29th

If you are thinking about undertaking a garden decking project this spring then signing up for the MyGardenTeam service will be a real help. As ...(No Comment)

GardenAdvice.co.uk new logo

January 18th

Our new GardenAdvice Logo you will be seeing a lot more of over the coming weeks as we approach spring ...(No Comment)

Flying GardenAdvice service to launch 2015

January 11th

Launching at the end of February 2015 our new flying visit advice service which is a free service in addition to GardenAdvice paid visiting advice ...(No Comment)

New garden design and landscape service

January 11th

    Gardens of all shapes and sizes built through our creative process designed to create you the garden of your dreams. * New gardens for modern and ...(No Comment)

Free Vegetable seeds with MyGardenTeam

December 26th

If you are planning to grow your own vegetables this year then take advantage of our latest offer with the Gardenadvice MyGardenTeam service - join ...(No Comment)