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Welcome to the GardenAdvice soil testing service

Gardenadvice.co.uk soil testing service is part of our MyGardenTeam membership and tests up to three samples of soil testing in the GardenAdvice team soil labs You will recieve a full soil test report with 14 day of receiving you soil samples. The cost of our soil tests is £35 and includes a follow up test service if required, this is where we take some of your original soil sample and grow test plants in our lab to confirm our recommedations and over periof of 8 weeks fine tune our recommendations in relation to the crops and plants your are growing.


The soil test report will show the following:

With your soil test report we will also explain how to treat your soil to suit the plants of crops you intend to crop. For example how to raise or lower the soil pH

Fill in the form below and you will receive details by email on how to send us your soil samples and payment details. Please fill in all sections of the form Thank You


Coments on soil samples being send and crops or plants you wish to grow or are already growing