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A Quick Guide On Plant Food NPK.

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

If you read the side of a plant food pack you will see it has an index such as 7:7:7 or maybe 10:3:5 this relates to the NPK elements of the feed.

N – stands for nitrogen.You probably knew that one.This nutrient is the leaf and stem developer and adding nitrogen will get thing growing fast.It’s always perfect for leafy veggies.After all,it’s the leafy part that we’re after in vegetables like cabbage,lettuce,Swiss chard,kale,etc.

P – stands for phosphorus.This nutrient is valuable for developing flowers and fruit – plus helps roots take quickly to the soil around them.If you’re frustrated by lots of leaves and stems developing on your fruiting crops like pumpkin or tomatoes.But nary a fruit in sight – you may need a boost of phosphorus.

K – stands for potassium.Potassium promotes healthy roots systems and helps the plants resist disease.It also works alongside the phosphorus in developing fruit.You’ll notice it’s importance if you’re growing root crops such as carrots or turnips.

For shrubs/perennials early season you can use blood fish and bone with an npk 4-7-4 this is a traditional slow release feed it should be applied about a handful per square metre and lightly worked into the soil with a hoe or a border fork.Then later in the season in May you could use miracle grow granules with npk of 10-10-10 this is a high nitrate feed which is quick release feed designed for when plants are growing.

If you need any further advice on a plants feed requirements just use our free online gardening service to ask us a question.
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