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Adding colour to woodland gardens

April 18th, 2018 · No Comments

If you are looking to create some colour in a woodland garden or border with a heavy tree canopy the GardenAdvice team have a few tips and tricks to keep help produce some colourful displays.
It’s worth focusing on spring colour when planning a woodland garden or shaded border as a number of plants have evolved to flower before the leaves on larger deciduous tree come out in the spring to form a dense canopy shading the ground.

A good place to start it to imagine that you are creating 4 levels of planting within the area with each level designed to create a different level of flowering.

The first layer could be made up of quite large shrubs such as –
azalea mollis
hamamelis x intermedia
magnolia stellata
In addition the second layer in less shady area could be made up of plants designed to provide autumn colour such as –
parrotia persica
euonymus alatus
Digitalis purpurea

The third layer under could be made up of plants that are able to grow and flower in shade in early spring such as –
skimmia japonica rubella
brunnera macrophylla
gaultheria procumbens

The fourth layer is the ground floor layer and as well as spring flowers it offers the opportunity to extend the flowering period slightly into summer and the autumn with the following plants
Crocus speciosus large autumn crocus
cyclamen hederifolium
pulsatilla vulgaris

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