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Building A Retaining Wall – GardenAdvice Tips.

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Building a retaining wall – the key to building a retaining wall is to retain the soil but not the water.Over 80 percent of the retaining walls that fail through cracking or simple collapse do so because the force and weight of the water in the soil behind the wall pushes against the wall.
If you consider that a cubic meter of water has a lot more mass and weight that the same amount of soil so its important to install an effective drainage system behind a retaining wall.
The simplest way to install a drainage system is to add a land drain pipe at the back of the wall at the base and back fill with clean 20mm stone or gravel as you build the wall.Ideally back-filling with gravel all the way to the top of the wall behind the wall to form what in effect is a French drain.
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