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Care Of Clematis Montana.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Clematis montana is one of the most spectacular climbing plants in the garden with its flush of pink flowers in late spring and early autumn.However in the winter once it has lost its leaves it can become unsightly with large amounts of dead wood and tangled branches.The best way to keep it looking in good condition is to prune inside the plants structure in the winter to remove as much as the dead and older stems as possible.Then every 5 year prune the plant right back to the main stem to produce a number of new shoots which will grow from the dormant buds in the main stems.In this way you will keep the plant full of flowers and reduce its unsightly look in the autumn.
The pruning is best carried out in early winter before xmas so you do not disturb and nesting birds which can start building nests in the clematis in late winter and early spring.

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