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Caring for Buxus Shaped Plants

October 18th, 2018 · No Comments

Buxus plants trained into shapes such as balls and cones, they do need a bit of special care. They can get a disease called box blight but this mainly seems to be on plants that are not cared for. The Box blight is a fungal disease that builds up on old foliage and starts to show itself as a black mould like substance on the stems.
So its best to feed you buxus with some liquid tomato feed from March to the end of October twice a month – liquid tomato feed is high in potash and creates a hard grow not easily infected by fungal diseases. Then shaking the plants to remove dry dead leaves is recommended as well as in the summer watering the heads with a jet of water to again remove any dead leaves and stop the build up of dead leaves inside the ball which supports fungal grow.
Finally with our Buxus balls or other shapes on dry days during the winter twice a year we reach inside the ball and apply a dressing of yellow sulphur here is a link
this helps stop the spread of any fungus – its worth testing a plant before you treat all the plants just to make sure you have no side effects i.e burning etc

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