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Coconut Palm Care (Indoor).

June 24th, 2016 · No Comments

How do I care for my indoor coconut palm? .
Coconut palms are quite easy to grow. They need a position with good light and an even temperature, so make sure they are not next to a window but further in the room.They should be grown on a well-drained sandy soil rich in lime and potash.The biggest problem you will face is dust on the leaves and so you need to gently clean the leaves with a light dusting every month. During the summer months it is worth placing the palm on your patio or decking to allow the summer rain to wash of all the dust.Failing this you can give it a shower, however,if you live in a hard water area you risk staining the leaves with lime deposits which are unsightly.
With watering be careful not to over water, especially when the plant is young,as it takes some time for it to root all the way into the compost and excessive watering will damage the plant.
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