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Creating A Mirco Clover Lawn

September 5th, 2018 · No Comments

Preparing a seed bed for a micro clover lawn

The best time for sowing a microclover lawn from seed is in the early autumn from September onwards.
The first task is to generally level the area and allow any weed
seeds to germinate and remove these weeds by hand or spray them off with
Roundup weed killer.
Next after a couple of weeks rake the area with a fine rake removing all the large stones and producing a fine tilth on the surface of the soil.
Sow the clover about half a handful per square metre and lighty rake the seed in. If the soil is dry you can also roll the area or use you feet to tread in the seed it. Iits important the seed makes good contact with the soil as this helps stop it drying out.
Once the seed is sown keep the area moist with watering as required for
14 days. As the clover germinates any weeds that show should be spot treated with
Roundup weed killer or removed by hand.
It the ground is stoney it can be rolled after about a month to push the stones back into the
ground once the clover start to germinate.
The first cut of the cloner can take place after about 8 weeks using a rotary mower on its highest setting.
With regards to feeding clover produces its own nitrate feed from the air using bacteria
in its roots. So normally a clover lawn does not need feeding. However if its slow establishing use half a handful of Growmore fertilizer per square metre.

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