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Disease problems with apple trees

December 7th, 2016 · No Comments

Many of our viewers and members apple trees are having problems with a bacterial infection with climate change fungal and bacteria diseases and infections have spread and are enjoying the damper milder climate. Most of the chemicals for the treatment have been withdrawn from sale because of EEC rules . So the cure is largely down to cultural methods.
Firstly on a dry day I would treat the infected areas with yellow sulfur
Next then when the leaves have fallen prune all the dead and diseased wood from the trees rake up the leaves and burn them or place them in the rubbish bin – do not compost them as the fungal spores can survive being dormant for years.
Then treat the trees with a winter wash to help remove the over wintering spores and over wintering pest eggs http://www.vitax.co.uk/winter-tree-wash/
In spring you need to feed the trees with Growmore fertilzer adding a couple of handfuls of feed around the base also its a good idea to sow a few tagetes seeds around the base these are a type of marigold that releases a scent that helps keep the pests away mainly aphids which can spread the fungal spores etc

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