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February Is The Best Time To Clean Out Your Glasshouse.

July 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Cleaning out your glasshouse is one of the most critical tasks to achieving abundant summer crops.Its important because it kills all the over wintering pests and bacteria and fungal diseases which have used your green house to overwinter.Cleaning you green house is easy but hard work you need to climb into some old clothes and with a stiff yard brush and stiff hand scrubbing brush and a bucket of warm water containing some Jeyes Fluid start cleaning every corner,glazing bar and pain of glass.Also if you have any old seed boxes and pots in your glasshouse, potting shed or garage now is the time to clean them also.
Once the glasshouse is cleaned you should then place a
sulphur candle into the glasshouse,close all the windows and vents and light it.This releases a cloud of sulphur into the glasshouse which kills any overwintering pest and diseases.
Once you have completed this it is worth drawing up a program of organic pest controls such as growing marigolds in the greenhouse in pots or on the floor under the benches or at the base of your tomatoes or cucumbers. Biological pest control such as Aphidius or Aphidoletes for white fly control in a glasshouse.

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