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Growing Buddleia Asiatica In A Hot Climate.

July 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Buddleia asiatica are normally ok with a range of temperatures and able to survive both cold and extreme heat.With high temperatures you will find that the plants spring or fresh growth will wilt during the day and become more turgid in the night and early morning.In extreme cases of hot temperatures the plant will drop it leaves starting with its old leaves first,in this way it hopes to save water and the leaves normally re-shoot later in the year as the temperature drops.In hot climates with buddleia its important not to over water even though the plant might be wilting as this can cause the stems to split.With regards to soil preparation for buddleia asiatica in a hot climate as they are a very fast growing plant in the spring they need a soil that carried a lot of available moisture.In practice this means a clay soil with lots of well rotted organic content such as horse or pig manure or some other form of organic matter.On light soils you can get away will just adding lots of organic matter plus a handful of lime added to the soil that’s used to back fill the planting hole.

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