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Wanting To Move Your Acer Tree?

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Moving An Acre Tree – You may have an Acre Tree in your garden or on your property and want to put it in another location that suits you best.The best time to do this would be between September and October this would give the tree time to get settled before the really bad weather arrives.

Large Acre trees have large roots and you need to dig as many roots as possible when removing the tree,to maintain the overall health of the tree.A second way to tackle this would be to ‘Root Prune’this year and move the tree the following year.Root Pruning is a process that takes many of the small roots off and forces the tree to put out new ones,which wont go too far in one year.This process also makes it easier to dig out the root ball.If your tree is only one to two years old you will find that these roots have not gone too far and the root ball will be easy to remove.However,bear in mind that whether it is practical,to move it is another matter and really depends on the size of the tree and how long the tree has been where it is.

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