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Lawn Tips.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Mowing A Newly Laid Turf – Just started your own lawn and not sure when you should start cutting it?Most people when now starting a new lawn allow their grass to become too long before they start cutting.Here at GardenAdvice we recommend that gardeners or homeowners creating their own lawns,commence with the procees of mowing your newly laid turf within a period of 14 to 21 days. Let’s imagine that the grass on your turf is at least 75mm long then removing 25mm of the grass blade would be safe, as on a new turf no more than a third should be removed this is because when grass is cut root growth ceases temporarily.The grass has less leaf surface translating into less moisture needed for the grass.

A Rotary type mower such as a ‘Flymo’ would be ideal for this job and will require if not a new a very sharp blade to ensure a clean and precise job. A clean cut “heals” much easier and the leaf loses less water.One should also remember to be on the look out for fungal diseases as these frequently occur in new lawns and making periodic applications of the proper fungicide one can keep down the fungus population and help the grass grow.For more visit: http://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/howto/lawns/index.html

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