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Fruits Trees and Fungus.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Disease in Plants and Trees – Fungal infections are the most likely to cause disease in plants,although disease on your plants and trees can also be caused by a variety of micro- organisms known as ‘pathogens’.Numbers of micro organisms however can be beneficial to plants as they can foster symbiotic relationships improving their fertility and disease resistance.

Plant diseases have complex causes but are often linked to plant selections or soil health(Low soil pH)which can be improved by adding acid or alkaline to your soil whichever is required to bring your soil to the correct standard.Where plant selection is concerned certain plants are resistant to fungal diseases and it would be sensible to use such plants in your garden to avoid your plants and trees from contracting diseases. Such plants to name a few are:Rosa Golden Flowers,Marigold,Tomato and Lettuce.

Treatment – Most gardeners believe the best remedy for fungal affected plants and trees in your garden is to remove and destroy them.However here at GardenAdvice we always try to emphasize the use of non- destructive methods towards plants and therefore use simple disinfectants such as Jeyes Fluid and Armillatox though not available as pest control are proven to be effective on fungal affected plants.Also the use of Organic remedies such as avoiding Overhead Irrigation,improving circulation, crop rotation or the use of disease free seed.On trees, prune all dead wood and twigs and burn prunings (where possible) to restore growth and vigour in your plants.

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