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Making More Out Of Your Wisteria.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Maintain and Mutilply – With regards to the Wisteria pods on Wisteria plants in your garden,its certainly a good idea to remove them by hand by simply breaking them off at the base.If done with care this should not effect next years flowers.

Feeding the plant with a feed or garden fertilizer with a high potash content will help the flowers form for next season as well as giving the Wisteria its annual prune.With regards to the seed pods they would be worth removing the seeds and sowing them in a John Innes compost to see if any of them grow.The seeds do have a dormance period so they would be worth mixing with wet sand in a plastic bag and place them in your fridge for 40 days to break their dormancy and produce new plants.

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