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Moving A Hydrangea Not An Easy Project.

July 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Moving an establish hydrangea is not the easiest project simply because they are very hard to move with any of the smaller fibrous roots.Moving it in January February is OK in fact its one of the best times.Just make sure then you move it there is no frost in the ground as this can burn the roots when its replanted.The main problem moving a hydrangea is that its hard to dig it up with any smaller fibrous roots,these are the roots that take up moisture from the soil.So its best to dig it up and wrap it in a sheet and replant as soon as possible using lots of organic matter such as garden compost, composted lawn clipping etc when replanting.Then after replanting prune the stems back by a third.In the first year after moving it will struggle to reestablish so keep watering and feeding it with a liquid plant food through the spring and summer.Then in the second year after moving it should get moving again with some new growth.
If the plant is very shocked or checked by the move it will die back but you should see later in the first season after moving,the new shoots appear from the base of the plant.

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