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Moving A Monkey Puzzle Tree.

September 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Monkey puzzle tree if its under 2 metres high the best thing would be to dig a trench around it this now and back fill with friable compost and then plan to move it in the autumn.This is to induce a more fibrous root system before it gets moved.The best time to trasplant it would be June next year. Being an evergreen and not having a dormant season as such, it might be a good idea to to clog up its stomata (the breathing holes in the leaves) with an Anti-Transpirant spray.This spray would be sprayed on prior to the actual moving of the tree. It still allows the tree to photosynthesise and has no long term effects. Once moved the tree would need to be watered during the first year of establishment.If you are short of time then dig the biggest hole possible and transport as much of the root ball as you can.To the back fill add some bonemeal and good quality compost.The bottom and sides of the new hole should be forked as much as possible so that the roots can grow away well. Water well.

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