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Over Wintering Geraniums In A Cold Green House.

September 24th, 2016 · No Comments

Please could you tell me the best way to over winter geraniums in a cold greenhouse? Thank you.
Over wintering geraniums in a cold green house is simple as long as you follow these steps. Firstly, pot you geraniums up if they are not already in pots, then over the months of october and November reduce the watering until the compost it almost dry. Secondly, prune the plants back to remove all the soft growth, the material removed can be used as softwood stem cuttings. In the green house the plants are best covered with a fleece to help maintain an even temperature during the day and stop any frost damage at night. If the forecast is for heavy frost then you might have to take the plants inside your house for a few days or heat the green house to provide frost protection. Finally, and most importantly you need to ventilate the greenhouse as often as the weather allows in order to help keep down the moisture and damp, as this will help stop the spread of fungal disease. Keep an eye open for moulds on the plants stems and if you see any mould remove the branch and place in a bin not on the compost heap. For More information click here

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