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Overwintered Begonias & Dahlias.

July 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Now in Early January is a good time to start some of your summer flowers especially with new or your overwintered begonias & dahlias plus sweet peas from seed.
Getting these plants started now will insure a colourful start to the summer season in the coming year.
With begonias & dahlias place the corns in a light open compost in small 75mm pots and place them on a cool windowsill in your house or a heated glasshouse.Water lightly so the compost becomes damp but not to wet and within a few weeks you should see the new shoots starting to appear
Then the plants are about 60 to 80 mm high pot them into larger 150mm half pots such as the type used for pot mum plants.Ideally this time using a john inness number 2 compost and grow the plants on a window sill or heated glass house.
As the plants grow they can also be pinched out to remove the top shoots to create a bushier plant and to provide new softwood cutting materials.
With the sweet peas – Chit the seeds by nicking the seed coat with a knife or soak in water for 12hrs,this will speed germination.
Sow in boxes or pans approx twice the size of the seed deep,in seed compost Sept or March, at temp of 16 degrees C(61 deg F).Pot on the seedlings into 3? pots with potting compost.Grow on,pinching out the growing tip when approx 4? high.
Harden off Sept sown plants in a cold frame in April,March sown plants in a frame,May.

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