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Plants Damaged By Frost.

January 15th, 2017 · No Comments

With this winter being on of the hardest of recent years now at the start of April its a good time to give your plants a helping hand.Many of the softer plants have been damaged such as ceanothus and fatsia japonica together with the slightly more exotic plants such as the bottle brush shrub.
In most cases its worth removing damaged growing tips by simply removing them, this should encourage new shoots to grow later in the spring.In the case of plants that look to be dead its worth waiting a few weeks to see is they shoot from the bare stems.A good example of this is ceanothus which in hard weather often gets its leaves burned by frost and snow,then later in the year new shoots start to grow on the older bare stems.At this point you can prune back the dead and damaged wood and the plant over a couple of seasons regrows.

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