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Plant Ideas For Conservatories.

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’ Succulent with very dark purple-black leaves.Pinch out to encourage branching.Needs good light.Pot into Cactus compost and feed 2-3 times in growing season.Keep drier in winter.60 cms(2 feet).

Aloe brevifolia,Attractive succulent forming geometric mounds of tight rosettes of short softly spined leaves.Grow in loam based compost with added grit and keep on dry side in winter.Minimum 0 – 3° C.

Asparagus scandens,A dainty twining climber from South Africa with soft green ferny foliage,ideal for climbing up a trellis,but is equally effective as a trailing plant in an ornamental pot.Unlike some other.

Cyperus albostriatus,(Cyperus diffusus.)A low-growing relative of the Papyrus, this makes good groundcover for the edges of a pond in mild gardens,if allowed the space to spread.Otherwise makes a nice container plant v.

Jasminum azoricum, Tender, evergreen Jasmine with sweetly scented white flowers March-Dec.Needs support.Grow in a loam based compost in good light but protected from hot sun.4 metres(12 feet)plus.Minimum 0 – 3°.

Justicia carnea – Purple leaved form Tender shrub of open habit with dark green leaves with a purple reverse and spectacular,large plumes of bright pink tubular flowers from mid summer to autumn.Cut back in spring to promote a bushy plant. .

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