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Removing A Buddleia From A Wall.

July 1st, 2016 · No Comments

We get lots of questions about removing Buddleia plants growing out of you house and garden walls.They are one of these special plants that can grow just about anywhere their is space,in walls mainly created with lime mortar or in railway sidings.They seem to require little or no soil to get a foothold,and then they are away growing at a fantastic rate.
To remove them from a garden wall the best way it to cut them back flush to the wall and then use
stump killer
Applied by drilling holes into the stump and pouring the chemical into the remaining stem/stump.
Its not a good idea to try to dig out the roots in a wall as you will find that they are extensive and you will only damage the wall.Once the Buddleia is removed from your wall the next operation is to re-point the wall to stop any further plants becoming established.

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