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Rhododendron Care.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

The key to rhododendron care is firstly to understand that the compost or soil they are grown in ideally must be an organic slightly acid soil/compost. This is best achieved with composted leaf mould from beech leaves but if this is not available a specialist compost for acid loving plants can be purchased from a garden centre.
The next key is understand that naturally rhododendron grow on a forest floor and every year in autumn receive a fresh fall of autumn leaves from the forest trees and then the root from the rhododendron grow in layers up into the layers of fallen leaves over the years.This is why on old rhododendron they tend to form a mound of root at the base so its important every autumn and spring top dress the base of your rhododendron in the pot and in the ground with leaf mould or the peat from cheap grow bags used to grow tomatoes which is normally sedge peat and slightly acid especially after the lime has washed through it.

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