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The Key To Growing Indoor Lemon Trees.

June 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

The two critical items with lemon trees are the soil or compost pH level and the feeding.The soil compost needs to be slightly acid so you need to carry out a soil / compost pH and nutrient test to make sure that the pH level is correct it needs to be around pH 6.00 to 6.25 most plants are only able to operate and access nutrients as a very narrow range of soil pH.With lemon trees if the pH is lower or higher than the required level the plant cannot access the nutrients required for good growth especially potash and magnesium.One thing to watch for is if your plant are grown in pots and you live in a area were the water is alkaline this over time with watering can raise the compost pH.
The two key nutrient with lemon trees are potash and magnesium both these nutrients are important in the formation of flowers and fruits.You can feed with a specialist citrus feed or a liquid tomato feed which contains both these elements.

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