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Top 10 Decking Tips.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

1.Ideally decking boards should always be laid in single runs i.e no
joints in the middle of the decking area as this can and often will cause
problems later in the life of the decking.The wood often twists at the
end of each plank causing trip points.

2.Build you decking on Brick or concrete block pillars,you can use wood
pillars put they will rot at some stage.

3.Try to be flexible of the size of your deck, try to match the size to
the size of the decking boards available.

4.Alway use weed sheeting under the decking as week will always grow
under a decking without it.

5. Build as much wood into the frame as possible to stop it from becoming
bouncy.This means any spare sections of off cuts of wood can be used as
cross tie sections to all strength to the frame.

6. When building the frame its ok to nail it together to set it up but
always finish by screwing the frame together for additional strength

7. Always drill pilot holes for the screws in the decking boards before
screwing them down.This is a lot more work but worth the effort.

8. Set out the decking boards and make out all the screw holes before you
start screwing the boards down.

9. Set out your decking pillars so that any Balustrade down rights or
posts are screwed into the decking frame and the decking pillars.

10. The easiest way to build steps for a decking if you are not a joiner is
to build the steps in concrete block and clad them with the decking boards.

11.Work out which way you are going to lay the decking boards and make
sure the fall for drainage yo build into the decking is in the direction
of the grooves in the decking.

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