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Watering A New Lawn From Turf.

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Establishing a new lawn once you have laid a new lawn the next part of the
process of creating a new lawn is to help it establish.The Key to this is
moisture content in the Soil.Depending on the time of year the lawn has
been laid or seeded the new lawn will need to be watered,Ideally you are
looking to Soak the lawn so that the moist or water travels down into the
soil structure by at least.100mm,The idea being that this will encourage
the new roots to establish themselves at a depth were in drought conditions
they will be able to access any available soil moisture and hold a better
colour,lots of new lawns tend to only to get enough water to penetrate the
top surface and in doing so only encourage surface rooting.
If the weather is dry and not freezing you new lawn will need to be soaked.
every 4 days.
During and for the days after watering try not to walk on your lawn.
If you have created a lawn in the Spring and the weather turns hot you might
need to cover the lawn with a horticultural fleece to help stop it from
drying out.
In hot weather where a lawn has been created from turf grown on a clay loam
it is likely that the turfs with shrink leaving gaps in the lawn if the lawn
has not yet rooted,then its a Simply matter of using a garden fork to push
and pull the turfs back together to close these gaps.
If the lawn has started to root then these gaps should be filled with a top
dressing of 50 percent Sand,50 percent top soil and mixed with some grass
seed ideally the same mix as your lawn turf.
As always if the weather turns frosty then stay off the lawn until the frost
has thawed.
As a guide lawns produced from seed Can be usable from 6 to 20 Weeks
depending on the time of year the law was created,With lawns created from
turf if the base has been created correctly before laying they can be walked
on within a few days and can with stand light ball games within 6 Weeks.
The first cut of a new lawn is also critical whether it has been created
from turf or Seed.Ideally you should not allow the new grass to become to
long,less than 35mm and for the first cut only cut it by a third of Its
total length.So if the grass is 35mm long then only cut it by 10mm, any
more and the strenght of the grass will be reduced.

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