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12 best Alpine plants to grow in a rock garden

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12 best Alpine plants to grow your rock garden 

  1. Gentiana verna,  stunning blue flowers from late spring to early summer.
  2. Saxifraga, forms a matt of green with delicate pink, white, red, yellow and purple flowers.
  3. Sempervivum,small rosette forming succulents, easy to care for that need full sun.
  4. Campanula, bell shaped flowers in blue, white and purple on a carpet forming plant.
  5. Sedum, a succulent with star shaped flowers throughout summer.
  6. Iris reticulata  small bulbs growing from late winter to early spring.
  7. Daffodil ‘Tete a Tete’  dwarf plants with yellow flowers in spring.
  8. Cerastium, ‘Snow In Summer’ a mass of white flowers on silver foliage in summer.
  9. Pulsatilla Vulgaris, purple bell shaped flowers on hairy stems in spring bearing silky seed heads.
  10. Aubretia, cascading plant with masses of purple, pink and white flowers throughout summer.
  11. Thymus vulgaris, bushy spreading plant with scented leaves and purple flowers.

Spraxis, harlequin flower, a hardy bulb that produces a stunning display of multi-coloured flowers.

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