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New Channel 5 gardening programs looking for your story

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Garden ER – the all-new garden show from FIVE, in association with Anglian Home Improvements – is looking for viewers who need our help! If you’ve made an embarrassing garden gaff you’re desperate to put right, or if you’ve got a shed-loadof trouble at the bottom of your garden, we want to hear from you.

Garden Gaffs – Is your garden more gaff than gorgeous? Did the man of the house do something rickety with therockery? Did you dig yourself a pond only to only to see the water vanish, leaving the goldfishgasping? Then you may be in urgent need of a little Garden ER! Contact us now to let us knowwhat’s gone wrong and how the Garden ER team can help.
We’re looking for DIY garden projects that have gone seriously wrong, don’t work, look terribleor simply didn’t live up to your hopes. We want to meet the perpetrator of the gardening ‘crime’,help them put it right and finally win them a pardon from their long-suffering ‘victim’.
Email lindsay.hinton@hotbedmedia.co.uk Or call Lindsay on 0121 248 3908

Pimp my Shed
Is your garden shed more shabby than chic? Do you wish the eyesore that lurks at the bottom ofyour garden was more useful, more attractive and less of a health hazard? Then this could be anopportunity for you and your family. David Domoney and the team from Garden ER are lookingfor some of Britain’s redundant or under-used sheds that need transforming into something useful,good-looking and inspiring. If you’ve got a shed you think could be working a lot harder for you,then call in the Garden ER team now!
Email lindsay.hinton@hotbedmedia.co.ukOr call Lindsay on 0121 248 3908

New gardening mobile podcast weekly calendar

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


To listen to our calendar audio podcast for the 3rd week in May Click Here

Listen to our audio weekly gardening calendar on your mobile smart phone by scanning the QR-code above to download a free QR-code scanner please click here