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A Working day in the life of a GardenAdvice advisor Sarah Wilson

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

My Day normally starts with checking to see what garden advice requests have been sent in by our members and viewers overnight and see if anyone needs a follow up email with advice.

Today looks fairly typical with advice being requested an indoor orange plant, assistance with advice on growing flowers for a daughters wedding next spring, how to build a decking frame, saving a 50 year old rose.  The orange plant – that’s a compost pH thats gone slightly to alkaline, wedding flowers we have a special service for this, building a decking framework I will need to create a quick drawing of a decking frame for our viewer and the rose this is a rose given as a gift by a lost relative we will recommend taking a bud and growing it on a new rootstock.
After answering the advice requests I am of on my first visit of the day an existing MyGardenTeam client who needs some on site advice about pruning fruit trees, a lot of the work I do with clients is educational so that in the case of pruning they will be able to do it themselves next season if they wish.
Next I am off to see a new MyGardenTeam member on her first advisor visit. She is typical of a lot of our MyGardenTeam plus clients in that she loves gardening but has limited knowledge, but that fine because the MyGardenTeam is designed to back her up completely with support ranging from a quick email or phone call with advice or a couple of day assistance in her garden with a GardenAdvice advisor helping with pruning or other garden projects. She has just signed up for the service so my task today is to carry out the services first visit and help her decide what style of garden she wishes to create and put together a program to  help her achieve this using the services online section which includes calendars.
On my way next back home now to spend some time on line with some more of our MyGardenteam clients today from Argentina and China both developing English style gardens in Argentina and China. People often ask is the language difference not a barrier but the reality is people interested in developing and English style garden overseas can often write and speak better English than me !!  The real challenge assisting our clients abroad is working out the extremes of weather where they live in the summer and winter so we can come up with a list of plants to use that suits the style of garden they wish to create. I manage to see my clients abroad quite often and I am due to visit China later this year and hopefully I will be able to combine a spot of plant hunting.
The final two tasks for today involve create some advice for a lawn renovation project, I am no lawn expert so I will contact one of the other team of advisors to get some input on this. Plus I have to creating some notes on a wildlife pond we are assisting in creating next week for a new housing development in Cornwall.
I love my job I get loads of great feed back from my client, and I also get a buzz from sharing the gardening projects we help them create. no one day is the same, just when I think things are a bit normal I will get a project from a client that will stretch my knowledge for example helping design an English cottage garden style garden for a new house in Chile.
See what tomorrow brings – looks like rain, which means I will have to find time at the weekend to weed my own garden !!

BTO – Latest Breeding Bird Survey results reveal finch fluctuations

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Many householders have become increasingly familiar with the sight of Siskins and Lesser Redpolls on their bird feeders, and the latest figures from the BTO Breeding Bird Survey, confirm that 2012 was a great year for both of these small finches: Siskins increased by 28% between 2011 and 2012, and Lesser Redpolls increased by 25%. However, Greenfinches, which have been hit hard by the disease trichomonosis, continue to decline. The full report contains the national population trends for over 100 of our widespread bird species.

Over the last few years more and more birds that you not normally visit gardens and garden bird feeders have  become regular visitors to gardens all over the UK.  For the home bird watcher this is great news although not every bird has seen an increase in gardens one example being the sparrow which have seen a drastic decline over the last few years in both gardens and the wider countryside.

MyGardenTeam now available for £25 for 3 months

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Try The MyGardenTeam Service For Free on trial For 14 days – see how having your own gardening expert can help you achieve more from your garden Click Here

Its your very own gardening expert available to give you personal advice and assistance by telephone, email and garden visits* for just £25 for 3 months or £79 per year

Its a simple idea that provides you with your own gardening expert in the form of a personal gardening assistant. A real live fully trained gardener to give you advice on your gardening questions and projects and if you need it a helping hand to get you started or to rescue a gardening project that’s gone slightly stray.

Together with your very own gardening expert on the MyGardenTeam team you will plan the objectives for your gardening project. You might want to rescue an existing garden which has turned into a jungle or start a new garden from scratch. Then your MyGardenTeam expert will create a plan of action just for you taking into account your objectives and the time and resources you have available.


Author: GardenAdvice advisor Team is part our gardening advice service with the MyGardenTeam service providing you with all the advice and assistance you need to create the garden of your dreams..

GardenAdvice Bee project – 623 sign up to create mini reserves.

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

The GardenAdvice Bee and pollinating  insects project starts well with over 600 people signing up to the scheme in a little over 4 weeks since its launch.  Plus now with the GardenAdvice Young gardeners club launching the Bee project scheme in conjunction with the UK schools summer holidays.

Our bee project is designed to support over 10,000 mini Bee and other pollinating insects mini reserves created in our members and viewers gardens.

Whist its not possible with the resources available to us to carry out research in disease and pests effecting Bees it is possible with you help to create a network of gardens that provide Bees and other pollinating insects with a reliable supply of food and shelter in changing climate conditions. In simple terms the spring activity in plants, animals and insects is triggered mainly by accumulative light and temperatures levels designed to trigger the activity of insects such as bees and plants to work together to the benefit of both in respect of pollination and food sources.

Author: GardenAdvice advisor Team is part our gardening advice service with the MyGardenTeam service providing you with all the advice and assistance you need to create the garden of your dreams..