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Free Plants For Bees Scheme – Help A Bee In 2016.

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Help the GardenAdvice Team by signing up to the GardenAdvice Bee Project design to help bees with a steady source of food in changeable climate conditions through the spring and summer. To sign up for your plants to help your garden bees click on the plants for Bees Scheme tab on the top bar of the GardenAdvice Plants For Bees Facebook page.


If you have any problems with the form just email us at plantsforbees@gardenadvice.co.uk

The plants and seeds you will receive are designed to provide your garden bees in your area with a reliable source of food through the spring, summer in your garden. We work this out for each individual garden using the GardenAdvice Climate Net system.
Just fill in the form and provide us with the aspect of your garden i.e is it sunny, shady exposed or other and the soil type. If you are not sure of the soil type then we can normally establish this from your Zip or Postcode and other GardenAdvice members in your area.
Once we have your completed form one of our expert gardeners will be in touch by email to tell you which plants and seeds we are sending you and instructions on how to grow them plus some contact details if you need additional assistance. The Bee project, Plants for Bees offer is open to all GardenAdvice viewers and members, in the case of remote locations deliver will be made by DHL

Please note the dispatch of plants is dependant on the weather and also when you tell us you are available to plant them. The scheme was designed to support an initial 10,000 gardens currently 4,800 gardens have joined the scheme in the UK, Europe and India.

If you are unable to join our Plants for Bees scheme please like our Facebook page and pass the information on to your friends and family

Visit our Plants for bees project on our facebook page


Plant swap with the MyGardenTeam service

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

If you are developing an existing garden or carrying out a garden makeover on an existing garden the MyGardenTeam service has many useful feature to save you time and money. One of the best features for saving you money is the winter plant swapping service. You can  swap and exchange your plants for cash or other MyGardenTeam members plants. Mainly aimed at perennial plants of which most need to be split every 2 to 4 years to keep them flowering well the MyGardenTeam plant swapping service fits ideally in to your gardening routine.   For further information on our MyGardenTeam service and the services plant swap facility visit the following link


MyGardenTeam edition created for vegetable growers

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

MyGardenTeam lite edition launched today for just £25 per year. Ideal if your are hoping to grow own vegetables in the new year

If you are new to growing your own fruit and vegetables then this is the MyGardenTeam edition for you
The lite edition come with your own expert gardener online to help your plan and provide ongoing advice on your gardening endevors including fruit and vegetable growing and an online diary and calendar providing you with sowing schedules, disease and pest alerts by email and or text message with GardenAdvice Climate Net. To try the MyGardenTeam lite edition on a free 14 day trial just sign up and use the code “Team Lite” MyGardenTeam trail require no credit or debt card details and you are under no obligation to continue after the free trial period For further information visit http://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/my-garden-team
Available worldwide