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Gardenadvice Guide to visiting the 2014 Chelsea flower show

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

The 2014 Chelsea flower show is set once again to be the highlight of the English gardening calendar.
Chelsea flower show 20th to 24th May 2014
As with every Chelsea flower show a bit of planning is essential to get the most from your visit. Firstly consider why you are visiting the show is it be gain some new ideas for your own garden, to create a new garden or are you more interested in finding out about new plants and new gardening products. Here are a few elements of the show just to give you a quick idea of what available more information can be found on the Chelsea flower shows web site

Show gardens – for our money the best part of the show is the show gardens, it takes a whole month to build a show garden and the effort really shows in some of the most fantastically gardens that are sure to inspire some great ideas for your own garden. The show gardens come in many shapes and forms for the ones combined with big corporate sponsors to the smaller show gardens produced by first time exhibitor amateur gardeners. The show gardens cover very style and range of plant possible.

Great Pavilion – Plan to send some time in the Great Pavilion at the show as this is where you will see all the new plants from breeders and nurseries. Arriving in the Pavilion early in the day will also gain you opportunity to have a chat which the growers and nursery owners to gain some useful insight into grow plants that they sell

Plant sell off Saturday 24th May – tradition means that at the sound of a bell on the last day of the show the plants from many of the show gardens and stands are sold off. Its a time to keep any eye out for a bargain but remember not to get carried away and pay over the adds for what might seem at the time to be a good price. Also have a though for how you will get you plant bargain home as some of the bargains you will find will not fit into a London taxi.