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Kill Yourself With Organic Gardening.

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Kill yourself – organically with organic gardening
Its becoming slightly annoying that word organic – it seems to have developed a special meaning that means anything thats called or classed as organic can be charged more for in the pursuit of profit. If you are a GardenAdvice advisor thats the slightly annoying part of the word organic the more deadly and dangerous part of the word organic is the production of so called organic food with no thought to the wider production of the materials and substances used to produce organic food.
For example we are told and often shown in books and on the television that growing organic food should involve the vast use of composts and organic matter which is partly true composts and organic matter in the soil improve soil structure and nutrients but can be over done causing all the available nutrients to be used up by the soil bacteria in trying to breakdown organic matter you have added. And more seriously a lot of compost and organic matter such as farm yard manure and compost produced by your local council is far from organic, the local farmers cows might have been pumped to with all sorts to get them to grow faster and the local council compost often included autumn leaf and road sweepings which includes a number of heavy metals not least the ones pumped out catalytic converters on cars. The problem being thats in root crops such as carrots or beet root whatever is in the compost or organic matter you are using is going to be concentrated in the root crops you grow and eat. So before starting to grow or buy your organic produce give the process some thought and try to figure out whats gone in to make it organic because its a bit more complex than just not using insecticides and weed killers and if you have any questions you can always drop us a line we will happy to help with all the advice we can provide.