Lawns are difficult to maintain at the best of times but during this long wet British summer they are at real risk of damage. are here to help, they are expanding their garden team scheme to include a lawn service. The friendly gardeners at GardensAdvice will come and look after your lawn in the spring and in the autumn in order to ensure you have the best looking lawn on the street.

GardenAdvice begin by performing a soil test for your lawn to determine what feed is right for it and then they will come and treat your lawn to its unique soil pH. They have begun to offer this service as they believe that English lawns are not being treated with the right feed. Tim head gardener says “It’s a fact that every lawn is different, they all have individual needs and need individual care” The service will include 3 yearly treatments to ensure the perfect pristine lawn.

Garden advice is offering this lawn service free of charge to all members of the, my garden team scheme. The service will include twice annual scarification helps to prevent fungal infections and moss build ups.  My garden team scheme is an annual gardening scheme that will help you achieve the perfect all round garden.

We will even provide you with…

  • Planting a pruning calendar that takes the hassle out of having the perfect perennials.
  • A personalised landscaping plan.
  •  A Bespoke annual planting plan for your garden.
  •  We will then assist with the construction of your garden, popping around to give you advice when you need it.
  • We will even find you locally sourced materials at the best possible price.
  •  Twice annual lawn treatment.

The My Garden Team-Plus will tame your unruly garden into your dream sanctuary at the annual cost of just £99.

For further information on our MyGardenTeam service click here