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The greenest way to give your garden a makeover

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

There’s only a few weeks until we’re in the full throes of summer and that means that it’s nearly time to spend all our weekends pottering around our gardens.

The summer months are the perfect time to give our gardens a much-needed makeover, but how can we make sure we’re doing it in the most eco-friendly way possible? Many people forget that gardens can be damaging to the environment, when various chemicals and pesticides are used to keep creepy crawlies away from our prize petunias, wreaking havoc on the environment.

The eco-friendly waste disposal experts, Envirowaste, take a close look at how we can get the perfect garden whilst keeping it environmentally friendly at the same time.

Creating the perfect eco-friendly garden
When it comes to sitting down and designing your new garden, try drawing an initial plan of the layout and what you’d like to plant. This can help give you a better idea of how eco-friendly your garden can be.

Plot out where you could put a small vegetable patch, carve out a corner for a compost heap and note down where you could place some small solar lights, to brighten up dark spaces. You can even write down which areas of your garden need a complete clear out before you start your renovations. Make a list of everything you need to remove and the most eco-friendly way to do it.

Clearing out the old and bringing in the new
Many of us will have the garden waste bins that are provided in many towns and cities by the council, however, sometimes the job in hand produces more waste than these bins can handle.

That’s where waste disposal companies come into the equation. These companies can help you clear your entire garden and dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly manner. This means you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting and you can concentrate on the fun part of designing and planting all your new foliage.

Becoming self-sufficient
Planting fruit and veg from the comfort of your own garden has a huge range of benefits. It not only helps you to become more self-sufficient, providing you with tasty and organic produce, but it is also extremely environmentally-friendly.

Even if your first attempt at growing tomatoes doesn’t go to plan, simply throw them on your new compost heap and use them as fertiliser to grow bigger and better vegetables.

The perfect environmentally-friendly garden combines sustainability and relaxation. As much as we love to potter around the garden, we also need a space where we can sit back and just enjoy the great outdoors.