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Houses in Preston are worth almost 50% more with the addition of a garden

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Is Your Garden Worth It – in terms of the value of your property and its saleability the answer is defiantly Yes !! 

· Based on Hatched’s live property ads, houses in Preston are worth a staggering 44% more with the addition of a garden

· Properties in London were worth 9% more if they had an outdoor space

· Homes in Manchester, however, instead showed a minor decrease in property value for those with the addition of a garden area

· Full findings can be viewed here

Is Your Garden Worth It? – With conflicting information and research on the subject, online estate agency Hatched add to the conversation, and help to answer this question.

The research looked at numerous factor, including: typical garden use; just how important gardens are to modern-day homeowners; and to see whether having a garden adds any value onto your home.

Using live ‘For Sale’ ads on the Hatched.co.uk site, the house listings were analysed to see if having a garden significantly improved a property’s value or not.

Using this methodology, the results suggest that house prices do indeed have a much higher average value when a property has a garden. Properties in the capital, for example, were worth 9% more with an outdoor space.

In Preston, however, this increase was even more significant. Out of the 31 current live ads, the average property value sits at just over the £100k mark (£106,127). Of these, the average cost with a garden equals £121,664, compared to just £84,615 without (£37,049 difference). Properties, therefore, were worth a staggering 44% more with the addition of a garden.

There was one minor anomaly, however… Properties in Manchester seemed to have a better average value without a garden, but this was only marginally (just a 1.7% difference).

The research also found that:

Garden Size:

· Gardens appear to be getting smaller (average size of 16.8m2 in 1983, compared to 14m2 in 2015), and this trend is expected to continue

· As such, speculation that the size of an average garden at the end of 2018 (next year) might measure just 12.6 metres squared

Garden Use:

· The majority (32.68%, around a third) of people admitted that they only use their garden around 20 times per year (equating to just once or twice a month)

· More than one in ten people (12.18%), however, said that they use their garden more than once a week

· The main reasons that people want a garden include: for their children to enjoy (23%); for pets (20.8%); for socialising (18.04%); for gardening or enjoying wildlife (18%); and, in some cases, to enjoy the weather (14.4%)

· A third (32.97%) of those over 55 considered a garden as being ‘very important’, compared to only one in ten of under 35s (8.38%)

· Overall, having a garden is ‘not a priority’ for those aged under 35 years-old

The full findings can be viewed here


Adam Day, Managing Director at Hatched, commented on the findings:

“In the past, there has been lots of conflicting research on the subject. For example, an article last year claimed that a good garden can add up to 20% more value to a property, whereas another stated that south-facing gardens carry a premium of just 0.37 percent over those with north-facing plots, dispelling previous myths that south-facing means more for your cash.

“As such, we decided to look into the subject more closely, to see if we could find any correlation or trends in the value of our current live property ads and whether they had a garden or not.

“While many other factors may also come into account for property valuations and house prices, including (but not limited to): size; location; design; appliances; and so on, it was interesting to see that, on the whole, having a garden does make a positive difference.”



Easy ways to create an attractive garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Late spring and early summer are an ideal time to get into your garden and start working. The mix of not too hot, but dry weather is better for both getting jobs done and also helping your green space grow.
As such, if you’ve been meaning to make your gardens more attractive and appealing then there’s no time like the present, but you might not know where to start. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways you can quickly turn your gardens into something you can enjoy.
A Simple Tidy
It might be that you’ve actually got quite a decent garden already – it’s just hidden amongst the undergrowth. Invest in some quality garden tools and cut back any overgrown hedges, pull up the weeds and mow the lawn. Once you’ve dealt with the bulk of the mess, you can neaten off any edges and pressure wash dirty paving and patios to get a fresh and tidy finish.
New Fencing
Worn out or damaged fencing can be an eyesore, so you could invest in some new wooden panels to go around your garden. With this you need to make the foundations for your fence posts are deep and solid enough to make sure your fencing stays rigid and secure – otherwise you may find this becomes unsafe in windy weather. Also, it’s worth painting these with a protective substance to help preserve the natural wood finish. An added bonus is you can improve the security of your garden.
Sheds and Summerhouses
Sticking to the wood theme, a shed or summerhouse can be a winning addition to your backyard. These can also provide useful storage, but you need to make sure they can stand up to the elements. As such, you could purchase the structure from a dependable timber yard and also invest in quality roofing materials to keep these nice and water tight. The crucial aspect of properly installing an Eco-friendly roof from suppliers like Burton Roofing, is the natural and recycled materials that are more than sufficient in doing the job. According to Burton Roofing direct, they have fifteen years of research and development behind them and the Thermafleece Insulation is a go green product to use if you’re ever concerned about the quality behind the materials.

  1. Patios and Paving
    Going back to the aforementioned patios and paving, you could lay this down in one section of your garden to create a new social area. A tip here is to choose a flat or relatively level section to make this task easier and also to choose an area that will get lots of warming sunlight.
    Whichever of these you choose, you can get the added benefit of potentially adding value to your property – as an attractive garden can boost kerb appeal and be a big selling point. However, the fundamental part is with some of these easy changes you could quickly create a striking garden that you can make the most of all year round.