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Advice on choosing the right fence

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Replacing a fence can be both a tiresome and difficult task, which is why ensuring the quality of materials, integrity of installation and choosing the right fence are all vitally important considerations when selecting the right fencing for your project.
When buying a new fence or replacing an existing system it’s important to give thought to the quality of materials you desire. The better the quality of material the longer the product will last, ultimately. Ensure you give thought as to where the fence will run; the type of the fence and the style.

We get a lot of questions from buyer’s everyday about what types of fencing there and common things to consider when thinking about fencing so use the below information to help make the right decision.

There are 5 main types of timber fencing

• Solid privacy fencing

• Semi sold decorative fencing

• Pale fencing

• Slatted fencing

• Traditional panel fencing

To make the decision process easier we have listed our five tips for choosing and installing a fence:

• Be as accurate as you can when estimating the cost otherwise they spiral out of control. Jacksons have a specially designed fence builder calculator app on the site to help you make better informed decisions about the quantity of the fence-panels and the cost.

• Only use good quality materials, pressure treated timber is usually best because of the long life span.

• The construct of the fence is important. All fencing should be made by professionals to a high standard without taking shortcuts, to ensure it lasts and not until the next storm.

• Choose the right fence for your requirements, a slatted fence may be beautifully modern but if you require privacy then it may not be viable. Jacksons have created a range of decorative privacy fence panels to meet even the most obscure requirements.

• Lastly, fence installation: How well the fencing is installed has a direct impact on how long it can last. Only use well trained qualified professionals who can deliver.

The Quality of Material

The quality of the material used to build the fence is important for both the aesthetic appeal and life of the product. At Jacksons Fencing, all timber products undergo our strict timber treatment process – a unique process whereby the treatment penetrates deep into the heartwood. We use Radiata, Redwoods and Corsican Pine because they absorb our unique timber treatment extremely well, due to being softwoods.

The benefit of undergoing this treatment process is the timber becomes guaranteed for 25-years meaning a reduced carbon footprint as the system should never need replacing.

The expected length of life

To ensure your fence lasts the test of time, it’s important to ensure you’ve chosen the right manufacturer & supplier along with the right fence. One of the greatest blockages when choosing a fence is budget, however replacing a cheap and cheerful fence two, three even four times can be a great deal more expensive than choosing a superior timber fence and having it expertly installed.  

The integrity and the construction of the materials used

Something to look out for: if a fence panel or gate is constructed using thin pales or a weak support rail, then it is unlikely to last under the scrutiny of weathering and you can guarantee you’ll be replacing that fence after a mild storm.

Choosing the right fencing for the right job

The days of featherboard fencing on every street are a blur, nowadays fencing comes in various designs and styles for many different uses. Whether you need to improve home security, or you’re a garden lover who wants contemporary fencing there is a whole range of fence panels available on the market. Discover some of our products visit Our fence panel page 

The fence installation

The final part of the process, the installation of your new fence, do you pay for a skilled labourer which costs money, or do-it-yourself? Whatever is easiest, as long as it’s done by a trained professional with the necessary skills and knowledge.