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Why Hiring HVAC Installation Contractors to Embed HVAC Systems in Your House

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Building (or buying) a house is one of the most significant things in life. That is why people do their best to make their new home as they imagined. When investing in the design and equipment of the future place of living, everyone wants to get the best value for their money. 

An HVAC system is something that became essential in all types of houses. Optimum temperature and good ventilation make any room comfortable to stay in. Some vital information on these systems, find here.

In order to get the best out of an HVAC system, you should leave its installation to professionals. You will do maintenance and cleaning, while authorized technicians will do regular servicing of the heating and ventilation.


Find Certified HVAC Contractors

A properly installed HVAC system should serve you for many years. The investment in quality heating and air conditioning system is significant, so you should be cautious with the installation for the first time. 

Buying expensive heating and ventilation products means nothing when these are installed in the wrong way. Any initial mistake can bring you a lot of problems and costs. Therefore, hiring professional and certified contractors is of the utmost importance. 

Handling furnace, AC unit, and duct lines require special skills, procedures, and tools. People working on HVAC systems need to have the right knowledge and years of experience to do the installation the right way.

Contractors should have valid work licenses. It means they have the skills and knowledge to deal with the latest HVAC technologies. If they also have special certificates from the manufacturers of heating and ventilation equipment, which show that technicians have experience in working with their products.


Code Compliance

Each state prescribes specific codes that house owners should adhere to (especially when building a house). In order for your home to be up to code, you should comply with a set of specific rules regarding the installation of HVAC units.

If you are willing to take this tedious job for yourself, go ahead. But keep in mind that this can be too complicated for non-experts. Professional contractors, like Mechanical Cooling Solutions LLC, have years of experience installing a variety of HVAC systems and are thoroughly familiar with local codes. They know what it takes to avoid a code violation.


Proper Tools and Equipment

No home tools can be compared to the ones that professional technicians use. The equipment they work with is certified, and they are trained to handle it in the safest way possible. Buying a professional tool just to set up your heating and ventilation would cost you a lot, so you basically save nothing.

All professional technicians and maintenance specialists give a guarantee on their work, but you have to check what type of warranty they offer. Some contractors will charge you for a re-arrival; others will come back for free. Many of them provide a ‘money-back’ option if you’re not pleased and ask for a refund.


Safety Issue


Improper installation of the HVAC system, besides the additional costs, can be dangerous. During installation, improper handling can cause physical injuries; you can cut on sharp edges or get an electric shock.

Most households use propane for heating. Also, every cooling unit has a refrigerant called freon. In large quantities, these gases are toxic; freon even cause frostbite on the skin. Also, their improper disposal is harmful to the environment, and you may be penalized for pollution. Only certified contractors should work with these systems.

How to hire an HVAC expert, see on the page below:


Another reason why you need the help of professionals is safety at work. Any mismanagement within the HVAC system increases the chance of danger and damage and can endanger the lives of those involved. Certified contractors have undergone specific security training and know how to react in potentially risky situations.

Hiring a professional contractor to install the HVAC system properly is not something you should be cutting corners on. DIY installation may bring some initial savings, but future costs of poorly done job can be much higher. When everything is set well, you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home.


The Advantages Of A Furnace Repair in St Louis

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Any device we have at home is bound to run into some malfunctions. That’s just how things work. They are not indestructible. But this shouldn’t alarm you too much. If there’s an issue that needs fixing, then you can always repair it, that is if you know how to. Not everyone is experienced in dealing with these kinds of repairs.
Let’s take the furnace, for example. Lots of households have them in their homes. If you purchase one, then you will definitely not regret it. They are durable, but this doesn’t mean that something won’t go wrong along the way with them. Minor complications often arise. You just need to repair them, or hire someone else to repair them if you don’t know how.
Hiring a reliable service to resolve all the issues is a smart idea. They are experienced and knowledgeable of the device. Therefore, they will be able to figure out the issue and resolve it rather fast. Also, they can inform you whether the device is worth saving or not. If it isn’t, then you can always buy another one. However, if repairs are needed right away, then you should definitely hire them. Here’s why:

Longer lifespan

The reason why people repair things is so that the device or the appliance can last longer. That’s the whole point. After all, you’ve spent a lot of money on it, and you should make sure that it serves you for a longer time. Check out ricottaheatingandair.com for additional information. 

If the minor issues are handled right away, then this avoids the creation of even bigger problems in the future. You are prolonging the lifespan of your device. In addition, you shouldn’t neglect your device once you start using it. There can be potential issues lurking without you knowing about them. That’s why you should call a reliable service to take care of the repairs. Also, it is a good idea to ensure maintenance checks along the way.



Devices like these can start to get filled with dust and dirt. If you don’t clean them regularly, then their efficiency will decrease. It doesn’t matter if the repairs are done. If you don’t take proper care of it, then it won’t give you what you want. Any experienced technician will tell you that. 

If the furnace is properly cleaned of dust and debris, then it won’t work twice as hard to provide heat. This means that the electric bill will be reduced. Also, if dust and debris keep piling up, then the device can shut down permanently. Read more about furnace safety on this page, as well.

Hire an experienced technician on the matter and learn some tips and tricks on how to maintain it. You can also hire a scheduled service for that as well. If you maintain the furnace regularly, then it will be much more efficient.


You might not need it during spring and summer, but you will definitely need it during winter. Therefore, it is advisable that you handle the repairs during hot weather conditions, so that the device can heat the place properly during winter. People buy furnaces for the heat. How do you expect to feel warm and cozy if the device is temporarily broken? 

To avoid the discomfort and frustration of having to live in a cold house of apartment, make sure to hire a knowledgeable technician to handle the repairs. They will know what to do because they have the expertise and the right tools by their side. You can trust them to handle everything professionally and with care. Your house will once more feel toasty warm.


Peace of mind

You won’t be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that something is wrong with your furnace. If you constantly hear a rambling noise coming from downstairs, then you definitely know that something is not right with the device.
That’s why you need to act fast. If not handled right away, then the furnace will definitely malfunction all the way. No repairs can save it then. Make sure have the issues resolved by a reliable service and not think twice about the furnace.


How to Protect Your Garden Valuables from Thieves

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Having a garden is a very natural thing.  And apart from the aesthetic advantage it brings, there are myriad other reasons as to why you would want to own one. However, in recent times, the issue of theft has been making a huge dent in the reasons to have a garden of your own.

Everything, from hanging baskets, garden plants, machinery, and even pots, have been reported stolen. According to surveys, some 2000 people across the UK have reported having items stolen from their gardens. And data from Co-op goes on to show that an average of €251 in claims has been filed.

Typically, it is advisable to always have home insurance for safety and financial cover in case of eventualities like this. An insurance cover like this comes with so many advantages that help if you do happen to have your home burgled amongst other things. For example, in the event of a burglary or even a natural disaster or fire outbreak, in as much as the incidents are covered by your insurance policy, you will not only have your building protected, you can also get a replacement for your loss. Alongside these, getting home insurance is not only cheap but will also protect you from lawsuits and also put your mind at rest. If you aren’t sure which plan is good for your home, visit  AA Insurance to find the best home insurance quotes and see what your insurance policy can cover.

Bearing in mind the advantages of insuring your home, you also have to know that continuously filing for claims will directly affect your premium. So, to make sure your premium stays as cheap as possible, you will need to take steps to ensure the safety of your home and garden from invaders.

There are several ways to protect your home and you have to make sure that whichever way you decide to go for, is within the confines of the law. To help you with this, I have cumulated some very effective steps you can take to prevent vagabonds from stealing from your precious garden. Some of these steps include;


  • Install Camera Around Your Home

By installing cameras around your home, including areas around your garden shed and entrance, you stand a higher chance of preventing break-ins. In fact, surveys taken by the police show that the installation of security cameras goes a long way in preventing burglary attempts. No criminal will want to have his crimes caught on tape.

Once you have the security cameras installed, you should go a step further by making sure you have signs put up to show that your home is protected and you have cameras around to record any event.

Also, if you do not have a steady power supply, you can make use of a battery to power your security equipment.


  • Have Lights Installed All Around

Lighting is very important in the security of a home. By far, lighting remains the easiest and cheapest security solution. In fact, studies have shown that about 24% of convicted thieves would think twice about targeting a house with outdoor lighting.

A very good option will be a security LED light that is activated by motion. A burglar approaching your house will think twice about continuing on his mission the moment a very bright light is suddenly beamed at him. This method has been proven to often deter burglars from going into a house.


  • Secure The Paths That Lead To Your Garden 

Another way to secure your garden is by making sure you pave the paths leading to your garden sheds. You could use gravel so that there is no way anyone could walk on the paths without making sounds, thereby instantly notifying you. 

Studies show that a lot of residential burgling was done on the driveways. To prevent this, you might want to consider adding a security camera to your driveways so that you can always know what is going on at all times. 


  • Install Garden Gates Or Doors To Both Your Front And Back Yards

A gate also goes a long way in preventing unwanted visitors from getting into your garden. By making sure your gates are always locked, you will be actively preventing people from coming into your home with your permission.

Very often, people with gates think that they can leave it open just because they are going out for a couple of minutes and not longer. Lapses like these are all it takes for an invader to gain entrance and do away with your valuables. Therefore, always make sure that your gates are always locked regardless of any reason.

A very good way to ensure the efficiency of the gates is to install more than a lock. By installing two locks (one at the top and another at the bottom), you can be rest assured that it will take longer for anything to go wrong. Also, make sure the hinges are secure as it is another way invaders might try to gain access.



  • Make Use Of Hedges and plants To Protect Your Fence And Gates From Break-Ins

Although this might seem like a weird method of securing your gardens, it is quite effective especially if you are planting low-growing and thorny shrubs. These should be planted at the base of fences to prevent miscreants from being able to scale the fence. These thorny shrubs such as pyrcantha orange glow  are also quite useful when planted at the base of windows to prevent break-ins.

One of our favorite plants to increase garden security is rubus cockburnianus, a majestic plant with long arching white silvery stems. It’s the plant worlds version of raiser wire planted against a fence or other boundary once established it’s almost impossible to cross or get through without lots of power tools and loads of time. The stems have thorns that are not particularly large but combined with other stems and thorns just latch onto clothing on an arm or a leg resulting in you having to cut yourself free if you happen to tangle with it.

Securing your gardens and your home as a whole is a lifetime job. Regardless of the different measures you put in place, you have to be regularly alert so as not to slip and leave an opening for thieves to make use of. 

But, with both your measures and a good insurance policy, you can be rest assured that your precious greens are secured in your garden.



Gardening Essentials – All-Important Workwear And Tools For Garden Professionals And Amateurs

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

For many people, gardening is one of life’s greatest pleasures. For anyone who is fanatical about flowers or just loves the great outdoors, gardening is a fantastic experience. But any experienced gardener will tell you how important it is to have access to the right clothes and equipment. Below are some tips for acquiring the right clothes and tools for gardeners at all levels.

What To Wear

When you are deciding what to wear in the garden, there are several things that you need to consider. The right clothes can make a big difference in your comfort and enjoyment while you are gardening; they should both protect you from thorns, thistles, and other gardening hazards, while also keeping you comfortable and warm.

Retailers like engelbert strauss offer a range of high-quality clothes that are designed for working environments. These high-quality garments are ideally suited to gardening work and will both protect you and keep you comfortable at the same time. The professional assortment of work trousers they offer includes options suitable for just about any working environment, including gardening.

When the sun is shining and the weather is good, gardening is a wonderful way to spend your day. However, it is worth investing in a wide-brimmed hat to keep your face shielded from the sun. Leather gloves can provide decent protection and are more comfortable in the heat than most other gardening gloves.

If you are going to be gardening near thorns or other sharp plant parts, it is better to invest in some three-quarter length shirts instead of a t-shirt. It might not seem like much, but the added protection can make a lot of difference.

Essential Tools

There are certain tools that every gardener should aim to keep in their shed. For example, a wheelbarrow will be indispensable. Modern wheelbarrows are usually made from galvanised plastic instead of metal, which retains the same strength in a much lighter material.

Whenever you are preparing the soil for the planting of seeds or bulbs, it is helpful to have a dibber on-hand. This simple device is used to make holes for planting in. Many dibbers have markings on them to indicate depth and enable consistent hole depth. You will also want to acquire a digging spade and a garden trowel, both of which make it easy to dig into the soil whenever you need to.


What To Look For

If you buy the cheapest tools available to you, expect them to break relatively quickly. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend a bit more for some quality equipment, you can make your tools last for years, maybe even decades.

If you can, always try a product before you buy it. At least hold it in your hand so you can get a feel for the weight, as well as how easy it is to grip. While you have it in your hands, make a note of the material. In most cases, stainless steel is the best material to go for as it is easiest to clean and won’t rust. However, steel tools tend to be heavier. If you want something more lightweight, modern plastic tools are also very resilient.

Gardening without the right clothes and equipment isn’t just harder, it is less enjoyable overall. Whether you are an amateur gardener taking their first steps or a seasoned professional, having the right tools for the task is essential.


Why You Should Buy from a Fabric Store in Long Island, NY

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

If you enjoy arts and crafts type projects, or just like to make something new, getting fabric for your newest creations can be a chore. Whether you want to make a quilt or any other do it yourself project, you may need fabric to get started. This fabric store Long Island, NY location can offer a variety of options for your next project, and not only do they carry tons of different fabrics to choose from, they can also help you with reupholstering old furniture, making curtains for your windows, and more.

Do It Yourself

Buying fabric for “do it yourself” projects can have many uses, including making a phone case, decorating your kitchen, making pillowcases, making clothing, and more. Even a beginner can start with a simple phone case for their new smartphone. There are plenty of fabric tutorials online on how to do projects yourself by using fabric but if you need help, you can do a search online for other blogs to walk you through the process too.

Why Go to a Fabric Store?

Fabric stores in Long Island, NY are the best places to get your project items from, instead of going to a generalized retail store that sells everything. This is because you can ask the people at the store any questions you have for any of your projects. They can help with how much fabric you may need, and they know how to cut it properly. Most retail places just estimate how much you want and cut it without paying much attention.

If you want your questions answered right and get quality cuts the way you need, you should go there, at either a brick and mortar or online place. These options can help you find what you need for your next new venture. They offer a variety of tools for any do it yourself projects which includes getting all kinds of various cloth to sew together and make that next blanket. You can also find a ton of different kinds of trim to add to whatever project you are working on.

Want more project ideas before going out to shop? Check out here for some great new suggestions!

Online or Brick and Mortar?

You may also find drapes and reupholstery at your place of choice. They may have valances, shades, slipcovers, and other related windows and furniture objects you are looking to find. These locations may vary from one another in what they have to offer, but the one thing they have in common is, of course, fabric! The best kinds come from the best areas online and they can be shipped right to your home, some free of charge.

If you would rather feel the texture yourself, going to a brick and mortar store is best for you. Some online sellers will detail the texture to you on their website, and you may even be able to select one based on its specifics. This can range from leather, denim, and burlap, to just plan polyester or cotton. You can also search by color or specific manufacturer online as well.

But what if you do not know what you are looking for when you go online or in-person? You can always ask for help or better yet just look around until you find something that strikes your fancy. Browsing is great for finding new ideas for your next project or for getting additions for your current ones. If you know what you want, you can just go in and find it quickly by searching via their search bar if you are shopping online or if you are at their location in person, you can ask an employee when you need some help.


Anything can become a project, especially if you have children or grandchildren. You can make your own diaper bags, cases for diapers and wipes, clothing, and more. There are tons of fabric ideas out there if you just do a quick search online, such as at https://www.fabric.com/blog/

Usually shopping online is easier to navigate compared to brick and mortar shops since people can move things around in person compared to a website that is already laid out for you. Either way you go, getting your material for any new endeavor from a place that specializes in arts and crafts is the best way to go. So, go ahead and get that fabric you need for your next big project and get to work today!



Become greener with our guide to making use of recycled plastics

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Plastic pollution is the biggest concern for our planet right now in 2020. Over the last century, humans have produced a great amount of plastic goods due to its cheap production and versatile nature. Unfortunately, when these products are cast aside, they are polluting are atmosphere and land. 

Research shows that 13 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the UK — with only 7.5 billion currently being recycled. But, what exactly can we do personally, to help reduce plastic pollution? Read our guide below which aims look at some of the best ways our plastic can be recycled. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, we can buy items of clothing that were once part of a plastic bottle we’d have drank from. With the likes of polyester, nylon and other synthetic fibres forms of plastic, companies can use recycled plastic to help create their new garments. Did you know that it only takes approximately 10 bottles to create enough plastic fibre for a new t-shirt? As well as this, the insulation in a ski jacket can be created by just 14 recycled bottles.  


The UK is a nation of outdoor lovers — even if we don’t always get the weather that’ll help us best use our outdoor space! Studies have found that the average Brit spends over two hours a week in their garden space. Many take pride in their outdoor area and love to entertain guests throughout the year. To do so, they need a space that is suitable, and decking has seen a huge increase in popularity. Since first being released in 1990, composite decking boards have grown in popularity as they are low maintenance, look like real wood, and have a long life span. These boards are made up of 95% recycled wood fibres and plastic, making them environmentally friendly as well as easy to upkeep. 

Bed sheets

Great news! You can soon relax in the knowledge that you’re being environmentally sustainable while lying in bed! Ecozee, a company that is set to launch bed sheets made from recycled plastic, states it is going to help you ‘save the environment in your sleep’. With the average plastic having a ‘useful life’ of approximately 15 minutes, it’s clear to see that bed sheets made from recycled plastic will turn this into a much greater lifespan!

Home décor

It’s not just companies who can create great uses for old plastic. Users on social media channels are always sharing the DIY skills regarding old plastic material. Stand out examples include jewellery stands, themed plant pots, and pencil organisers — all created using the bottom of plastic bottles and milk bottles. Some much more extravagant examples by those with creative flair include hanging chandeliers and Christmas trees!


Moving away from home comforts, did you know that many forms of transport use recycled plastics in production? In 2018, vehicle manufacturer Volvo set itself a goal of using 25% recycled plastics in cars by 2025. This can range from fishing nets to old bottles and can be used in areas such as dashboards and carpets. Currently, the company states that approximately five per cent of plastics in its cars are made from recycled materials. 

Elsewhere, in 2017, pilot and environmentalist Jeremy Rowsell made history by flying a light aircraft across Australia using conventional fuel that was mixed with fuel which derived from plastic waste. This journey, which saw him travel 500 miles from Sydney to Melbourne, saw the fuel used include a blend made up of 10% end-of-life plastic that was usually found in the ocean and landfill sites. It was a breakthrough in potential future fuels for light aircrafts.


Of course, there are many other ways plastic can be recycled. And, when you recycle materials, it uses far less energy than creating them new, so recycling has many benefits. While recycling is a major topic of discussion, we still have a large scope for improvements regarding the subject in order to help save our planet. It’s not just up to companies to use recyclable products either, so recycle today to reap the rewards tomorrow!













10 small changes to help yourself lead a more plastic-free life in 2020

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Something must be done about our casual plastic use. It’s causing far more damage to marine life than its worth. Every day, approximately eight million pieces of plastic are discarded into the ocean, and microplastics have even been discovered embedded deep in arctic ice. 

Why not set some plastic-free plans in motion by making some changes across 2020, in your own household? Leading a plastic free life is one of the best and easiest methods of self-improvement you could opt for this year. Forget your optimistic gym membership and your severe diet plan, dropping plastic is an achievable and massively rewarding new year’s resolution that we should all try. Here are some small changes that will help you achieve your plastic-free goals.


  • Steer clear of plastic bags and straws

Luckily, these items are becoming less commonplace in the UK today. However, it can still be difficult to avoid them at times. When you pick up a takeaway for example, don’t be afraid to say no to the excess plastic bags your food is wrapped in.  


  • Do you own a reusable coffee cup and water bottle? 

Takeaway coffee cups are a major source of waste material and plastic bottles take a shocking 450 years to decompose. With this in mind, it is more pressing than ever to make the switch to reusable items. KeepCups and Chilly’s Bottles are popular brands that focus on sustainable products. 


  • Stick to buying unpackaged fruit and veg 

Many supermarkets are now making switch to packaging free products. If you have the option, choose to load up brown paper bags with fruit and vegetables rather than choosing pre-package food.   


  • Get your hands on a bamboo toothbrush 

Plastic toothbrushes take 400 years to decompose, and if you consider how many you go through in a lifetime, the life span of them all is shocking. A bamboo toothbrush on the other hand, only takes five to ten years — minimal in comparison! 


  • Find a refill station for your laundry detergent and washing up liquid

Instead of chucking out the plastic bottle when your washing up liquid runs out, hold on to it and get it refilled! Lots of sustainable shops now offer this service, making it easier than ever to opt for refills rather than wasting more plastic. 


  • Switch to soap and shampoo bars rather than bottles 

Shampoo and hand soap always seem to come with excess plastic packaging. There is simply no need to coat these items in plastic, as they work perfectly well in bar form. This is another tiny switch that will make little difference to your daily routine but really help out the environment.  


  • Shop at ‘zero waste’ shops 

Thankfully, zero waste shops are becoming far more common in the UK. The idea of zero waste shops is that they sell produce with absolutely no plastic packaging. Switching up your shopping routine and choosing a zero-waste shop would be a great habit to get into in 2020. You can find a list of zero waste shops and where to find them here


  • Switch to beeswax wrap rather than clingfilm 

Sustainable food storage is another factor that people often forget to consider. We throw away single use clingfilm without a second thought, because it seems like such a necessity within our lives. Now however, there are plenty of alternatives to use if you want to go plastic free. Beeswrap, for example, is a ‘natural alternative to plastic wrap’ which can be used time and time again. 


  • Up your sustainable Tupperware game

Along the same theme, consider switching to sustainable Tupperware. There are plenty of alternatives to wasteful plastic Tupperware, such as bamboo, glass, or stainless-steel alternatives. Oxfam do a great range!


  • Cut down on shopping and spending 

This last one is essential, although perhaps not as easy as the other lifestyle changes. Every time you buy something, especially online, it is likely to come swaddled in needless layers of plastic. If you cut down on this spending, you could make a real environmental change

These changes will be easy to get used to once you’ve made an active effort to change your routine. They will soon become second nature! If everyone chips in and makes an effort towards sustainability, we will see a reduced amount of plastic pollution our oceans. 


Article provided by Where The Trade Buys, a UK company and specialist provider of roller banner printing, with bases in London, Sunderland and Surrey. 















How to Optimise Garden Space with Outdoor Storage

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A lot of us spend a great deal of time and effort trying to get storage solutions for our homes just right. Unable to contemplate a life lived amidst piles of clutter, we invest in a great array of shelving units, cupboards, wardrobes, trunks and boxes in a bid to bring some sense of order to our living spaces.


Less thought tends to be given to storage options for the outside of our homes. For those of us not blessed with an extensive garage or outbuildings. Where to keep the lawnmower, the gardening tools, the wellies and the outdoor furniture can pose something of a problem. The go-to solution is often to build a shed. But when your outdoor space is limited, erecting a sizeable wooden hut can be less than ideal.


So, what are the alternatives? Just as many of us find trunks and chests useful for squirreling away small to medium sized items indoors, outdoor storage boxes can be a great help out in our gardens, too. For keen gardeners, a chest is the perfect place to store pots, hand tools, netting and all manner of other accessories. A good waterproof trunk is also ideal for storing cushions and soft covers from your garden furniture.


The great advantage of a storage box is that they can fit neatly and discreetly into virtually any space, making use of nooks and crannies in your garden that might otherwise go unused. Should you wish, sturdier examples can also double up as handy additional seats, providing a dual-purpose practical solution when space is tight.


Aside from weather-proof boxes, there are various other creative storage options that can help you make the most of your space outdoors. One sticky issue for many households is what to do with muddy wellies and boots, especially through the wet winter months. Invariably, they end up in an annex such as a porch, utility room or conservatory. But that only brings the mud indoors, and inevitably, some of it will get places you would rather it didn’t.


A great option is a purpose-built wellie boot store, a simple open structure, usually made from wood, with a roof. In appearance, wellie stores look like lean-to’s or log stores in miniature. Speaking of which, if you do have a wood burner or range in your home and store wood in an outhouse, shed or garage, you should also consider a log store. They are good enough to keep the rain off the timber, which will ensure it dries well enough to burn, while freeing up space for you to store other things. 

For more ideas about outdoor storage solutions and garden furnishings in general, find out more here.



Top Reasons To Have A Garden Building as an Office

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Working from the comfort of home is highly beneficial and it is no wonder that most people are choosing to work from their residences. Setting up an office in your garden can be ideal if you are self-employed, seeking to start a new enterprise or you are just looking to avoid commuting to work while at the same time saving some cash. A garden office can change your life in many ways. Below, we have compiled some of the top reasons as to why you should consider creating an office in your garden as given by Quick Gardens LTD – The premier retailer of quality garden and leisure buildings in the UK.


  1. There Will Be No Need for Commuting Daily

If you are working from the comfort of your garden, there will be no need to commute on a daily basis. You will not have to worry about the chaotic pressure of waking up early just to beat the traffic and the hassle of finding a seat on public transportation. Additionally, you will also save a lot of money that you could alternatively have used to pay for your daily commute. With a garden office, you simply have to stroll through your back door and begin a productive day while you are still fresh. 


  1. No More Daily Work Routine

With an office garden, you do not have to worry about clocking in and out of work on a routine. A garden office offers you a lot of flexibility in choosing your own work hours. If you have the right attitude and plan, you will be able to complete all your work tasks without having to follow predetermined work hours.


  1. You Get to Work in a Serene Environment

The hustle and bustle of cities is not for everybody. For some people, working in a lively environment can lead to lowered productivity. Working in an office located in your garden means that you will be doing what you love in a serene and calm environment which can lead to improved productivity.


  1. You Can Design a Personalized Workspace

With a garden office, you can design your office any way you want. For a start, you will be able to choose the type of structure you want to house your office from the wide range of incredible sheds and summerhouses on sale by the Quick Gardens which are all designed to perfectly fit within your garden. Additionally, you will be able to personalize your garden with your desired furnishings, control the temperature and incorporate the décor you desire.


  1. You Will Be Able to Balance All Aspects of Your Life

Managing the delicate balance between your work and personal life can be hard but this can become easier if you are working from your office. For example, you can take a break and occasionally handle important tasks such as cooking dinner for your family and checking the progress of your children while at the same time managing your work. To create the perfect balance, all you need is to have great time management skills.


  1. You Will Increase the Value of Your Property

A garden office not only has immense lifestyle benefits but it can also increase the value of your residence. During valuation, a garden office can increase the value of your residence by up to 7%. As you can see, an outdoor building has numerous benefits and as such, it is an investment you should consider making.


A Minimalist Guide: Declutter Your Home Through Junk Removal

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Boxes and ‘stuff’ may be overpopulating your home to the point that you’re comparable to a hoarder. Being disorganized and having so much clutter surrounding you is bad for your overall well-being not to mention the expense that it takes to accumulate such a wealth of things. The nice thing is that you have the opportunity to get rid of this mess along with any further cost.

There is no reason to downsize to the point where everything that you own can fit in the trunk of your car. The idea is to take the things that have no purpose in your life and either gift them to someone, donate them, or have junk removal such as We Junk It Now, take it away. This will give you the chance to truly love the pieces that you’re left within the manner that they were meant to be enjoyed.


Start Backwards … If Everything’s Gone, What Would You Replace?

The idea behind this exercise is to treat it as an invisible inventory of sorts. This is something that you will do outside the home environment where you don’t have access to your current assets. The concept is to serve as if you’ve already been subject to a loss. While at a café or bistro, you are going to compose a list of things that you would purchase if there were some type of catastrophic event causing you to lose all of your possessions. 

The list should be a general list of things that you would go out and buy a second time to rebuild your life. They should be essential and valuable for a new beginning.


Declutter Quickly Through Small Batches

There is no reason to strive for whole-house junk removal within one day or that you’ll be able to pack it all up within a weekend. The effort to accomplish this is fruitless and exhausting. A lot of time went into accumulating so much stuff. Going through it all and allowing yourself to release it will take even longer. Set up a goal to work on a specific areas a section at a time. Allow yourself a certain time to clean up, declutter, and organize each section. Set the time and stick to that goal including breaks so there is no point of fatigue, frustration, or emotional meltdowns. 


It can be difficult to part with items you’ve become attached to whether they’ve been with you for a long time, they’re sentimental, or they’re representative of your hard work. But when it comes to the point that your home is overwhelmed by these things, you need to separate from these feelings to break out from under all the stuff. Go to https://classifieds.usatoday.com/blog/services/6-steps-to-get-rid-of-junk-and-declutter-your-home/ for additional methods to clear out the junk.


Ask these questions:


  • Out of all of my other possession, what does this specific item do for me that they don’t? This will allow you to begin to think about the functionality of the piece. You can start to question why it’s special in comparison to your other assets as far as what it can do. And can it do more than one thing?


  • The next thing to ask yourself is if any other items can do what this one can in a better way or can do something that serves a better purpose for you? An example of this would be a two-slice or a four-slice toaster. The idea is to choose the possessions that are going to add more function and value to your world.


  • You next want to find out what the sentimental attachment is for the items. With the first two questions, you can go through various electronics, tools, or appliances fairly quickly. But the functionality of a box of family pictures doesn’t apply. Sentimental value is essential for a lot of possessions and shouldn’t be ignored. How something makes you feel should still not be something that you allow to take you over. There needs to be a certain aspect of what it does for you and the amount of space it comprises.


Apply the three questions to every nook and cranny within the home including old papers that may need to be shredded. The freedom from all the clutter will make you much happier when you’ve accomplished your goal.


Keep/Sell or Donate/Store/Junk

There are four boxes needed with junk removal each with a label: keep, sell/donate, store, and trash. This process keeps the declutter process organized. Once the items are in the boxes, there will be no reason to go back in to retrieve them.


  • Keep: These are items that are essential for your everyday life and that you already have a set-aside space for.


  • Sell/donate: Items in this category will be in good condition to go to a charitable organization, or you could make some money by selling them through classified or an auction.


  • Junk: This stuff is junk. It comprises various outdated papers that need shredding, items that are broken or in poor condition, anything that no one is going to want.


  • Store: This is to be a box of items that you only have certain space to allocate for so be careful in choosing these. They’re possessions you just can’t part with, but they aren’t essential to everyday life. Read here for a list of items that must go.


With the remaining things you have, digitize your movies, music, and photos, and download e-books. You can then pass these objects on to family or friends. Before buying anything new, ask the questions you used in the decluttering effort. Figure out where the object will come to live inside your home. The next step is eliminating the mindset of getting rid of something just so you can buy a new one. If this object can do the same thing only better and truly holds meaning for you, it’s a consideration. Using mindfulness in your buying habits will allow you to bring things into your life that you truly love, want, and need as opposed to cluttering up already overcrowded space.