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Slot Wagering Requirements Explained and Calculated

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

When you think about it, online slots seem almost too good to be true. Almost all casinos including kingcasino.com offer welcome bonuses to new players, each one more generous than the one that came before. So, what’s the catch? Wagering requirements, wagering requirements and more wagering requirements. It might be frustrating, but all bonuses have them and there is no way around them. If you are new to the online slot industry, this article aims to explain what wagering requirements are as well as how they are calculated

What Are Slot Wagering Requirements?

In a nutshell, wagering requirements mean that the bonus cannot be converted into cash instantly. Instead, you have bet your bonus or free spin wins a specified number of times before you can withdraw it. There are thus several hoops you need to jump through to be able to enjoy the bonus.

Why Do Slot Wagering Requirements Exist?

Online casinos attach wagering requirements to their bonuses to prevent that players only sign up and cash out their bonuses without playing on the website. So technically it is not free, you must invest some money as well. However, the welcome bonus does provide you with more spins and some extra playtime.

If you agree to use a bonus, you also agree to meet their requirements before being able to cash out. Different online casinos treat customers who do not comply differently, however, the most common consequence is that you will forfeit your bonus as well as any winnings that occurred as a result.

Even though wagering requirements come across as tedious and unfair, they can also be useful. It ensures that players make

They allow players to make more informed choices when it comes to picking an online casino. By first calculating the wagering requirements players will be able to see whether the casino fits with their budget. This, in turn, helps them stay in control of their gambling activity.

Calculating Slot Wagering Requirements

To clearly explain how wagering requirements should be calculated, this article will propose a fictional casino bonus. Let’s say an online casino is offering all new players a 100% deposit bonus on first deposits up to $200. You then decide that you want to get the most out of the bonus and you deposit the maximum $200. This will mean that you get a $200 bonus. However, the bonus comes with a 25x wagering requirement. So, if your bonus is $200 then you need to spend 25 times that amount before you would be able to withdraw anything. That means you would need to spend at least $5000. Now if this wagering requirement needs to be met in 30 days but you have a gambling budget of say $1500 a month, then you have a problem. You could end up signing up for a bonus that you will never see and spend a lot of your own money in the process.

Final Thoughts

It is thus very important that you read the terms and conditions of a bonus before you sign up. It will save you a lot of money and heartache.


Restoring an old lawn with one of our MyGardenTeam clients

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Lawns with a good mix of grass species but have bare patches and an uneven surface can often be restored by top dressing and reseeding.  The pictures show us one of our clients working with GardenAdvice gardeners to sieve stone soil through some wire fencing to remove the stones to create a level surface. 

You can use a hand seize but it takes a lot longer. 

Once levelled and over seeded with a suitable grass seed mixture  in the autumn and winter up until xmas we often use a thin plastic covering to assist in the germination of the grass seed and the recovery of existing grass plants.

As with all work on lawns now its also worth taking the time to check the lawn for leather jacket and chafer grub as these lawn pests are now becoming a problem in the UK 

Learn about your garden with a one day GardenAdvice gardening course 


10 Strange Houseplants to Grow

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Houseplants help to add aesthetic value to your home. As a result, you may be interested in learning more about how to improve your indoor.

There are different plants that you can incorporate into your indoor garden. Below are 10 strange houseplants that you can grow as house plants:

1. Pitcher Plant

The plant is carnivorous, and it is common in the Philippines. It usually consumes crawling and flying insects using pitfall traps that usually hang from the tendrils attached to the green leaves.

The pitcher plants usually attract creepy insects using the nectar they secrete on the lower side of the trap’s lid. The insects will slip into the plant, and they will drown in the liquid present within.

The insects will then be digested by the enzymes that usually supply nutrients to the pitcher plant.

The pitcher plant usually thrives in an environment with plenty of warmth, sunlight, and humidity. Since the pitcher plant usually catches its own nutrients, you should use light soil comprising half perlite and half sphagnum moss. These plants aren’t particularly known for getting common plant diseases, but they still need to be handled with care.

The soil should be kept moist consistently. During summer, the plant can easily feed itself. During winter, provide the plant with dried blood worms and live crickets until spring.

2. Goldfish Plant

The orange blooms of this plant usually resemble a small goldfish. The plant usually produces flowers throughout the year as long as it is exposed to the right conditions.

The goldfish plant hails from Central and South America. It loves indirect but bright light; the plant also prefers humid conditions.

Since the goldfish plants are epiphytes, they prefer to grow in airy and coarse soil. They should be well watered during summer while ensuring the soil will get slightly dry to ensure the flowers will bloom throughout regardless of the season.

3. Lavender Scallops

Lavender scallops have fleshy and upright green leaves that turn into pinkish-red when exposed to regular sunlight. Since the plant hails from Madagascar, it can only thrive in areas with little water and ample sunlight.

Generally, it is easy to care for this plant.

4. Desert Rose

The succulent shrub hails from Africa. It is evergreen and appealing.

The trunk is swollen, and the branches are woody. The plant has tubular flowers and leathery green leaves. The flower’s colors range from pink to red.

The plant can be pruned, or it can be allowed to grow naturally, and it will attain a height of 10 feet. Although the desert rose has an intricate appearance, people can easily care for it. It needs little amounts of water for it to thrive.

It also requires plenty of warmth and sunlight. It usually drops its leaves if the temperatures go below 50°F.

You can place the plant in a pot and make sure it is placed near a window facing south to ensure the rises are blooming.

5. Madagascar Palm

The plant looks like a cross between a cactus and a palm tree. The plant is succulent, and it hails from the dogbane family.

The plant has a prickly and silvery trunk. The crown is then clustered with green leaves. It can also grow to 20 feet while in the wild. When grown indoors, it cannot exceed 6 feet.

It also grows slowly, and that means you will watch it mature for many years.

Make sure the plant has been placed in an area that has adequate sunlight and enough water. The soil should have good draining capabilities. You can use cactus soil and use a fertilizer that has low-nitrogen levels. During summer and spring, apply the fertilizer every five weeks.

6. Echinopsis

The plant is relatively small, and it may have a 4-inch diameter. It also has numerous thorny ribs. It can bloom, and it may even produce 6-inch white flowers.

The plant usually grows in South America along with the rocky soils. It should be planted using loamy soils that have been topped with crushed seashells and topped using pebbles.

Like other types of cactus, this one needs little water and more sunlight, especially during winter.

7. Corkscrew Albuca

The plant usually adds to the visual appeal in your house plant collection or indoor garden. The plant is also known as the frizzle sizzle. It usually produces shoots that are distinctive. They usually curl up into spirals on each end.

The slender and long leaves usually emerge from the underground bulb. As the flowers bloom, the plant will produce a central flower that is vanilla scented. The flowers usually are yellow in color.

The sustain the curls, the plant should have access to enough sunlight. The soil should also be well-draining. Keep in mind that when you apply too much water, the roots and bulb will rot.

8. Purple Shamrock

The purple shamrock adds some color to your indoor garden throughout the year. It is also not a part of the real shamrock; however, it is part of the wood sorrel family. 

Every day the plant will turn and move towards the light in the afternoon and morning hours. The plant will then close the leaves at night.

9. String of Dolphins

You may have heard of the string of beads or pearls. The string of dolphins comes from the same family—the succulent looks like dolphins leaping from the stems.

The plant produces curved leaves that usually have two points resembling fins. The plant can be placed in a hanging basket to ensure it has access to enough light while allowing the soil to dry out after the watering takes place.

10. Paddle Plant

The succulent is stalkless. It usually forms a cluster of fleshy leaves that emerge from the central rosette.

The paddle plant can only attain a height of 6 inches maximum. Every leaf will overlap with the neighboring leaves, like pancakes that have been stacked together.



Could corner log cabins suit your space

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Making the most of your outdoor space is something most people look to do now. This can help make the space more inviting to use and add extra visual appeal to your home. One popular way to go about this is by installing a log cabin in your garden. Doing this is also great for adding extra useable space to your home, without having to endure intrusive building works. Corner log cabins
are gaining in popularity – but why is this?

What are the benefits of corner log cabins?

When you are looking to buy a log cabin
looking to buy a log cabin for your home, you will soon find there is lots of choice available. So, why might you think about going with a corner one specifically? The main selling point they have is their shape. Being a corner cabin allows them to fit into small corners of your garden, where other types of cabin may not fit.

This type of cabin also comes in a wide choice of styles and designs. This makes it easy to find one that you love and which has the right look for your home. Corner log cabins also come with a range of useful features. Some for example come with left or right-hand doors for easier access, if required. When you also factor in their outstanding build quality, it is easy to see why you might choose this sort of cabin.

But which are the top corner cabins we have in stock at Barewood Buildings right now?

Best corner log cabins

2.8m x 2.8m corner cabin

This is one corner cabin one corner cabin we really love. Coming in at 6.8m², it is compact enough to fit in the corner space of almost any garden. This cabin looks awesome and is sure to impress – whether you are simply relaxing after a hard day or entertaining friends in it. Double doors and windows let lots of light in and the Nordic Spruce design makes for an outstanding build quality.

Pentagon cabin 3.1m x 2.9m



Another real favourite of ours is the Pentagon corner cabin . The octagonal design really makes it stand out and give any garden an eye-catching focal point. Offering 9.6 m² of space, this also uses durable Nordic Spruce for amazing build quality. Assembly is super quick, thanks to the pre-made roof and wall panels. Double glazed windows not only give good noise reduction qualities but also stop the cabin from getting too dark.

Louise 3m x 3m


The compact 3m x 3m design of the Louise corner cabin
makes it ideal for gardens with only limited corner space to use. This model comes with extra-dry laminated timber for added strength. 18mm Vential boards are used for the ceiling and floor. This means the Louise is both cosy and peaceful to spend time in. With attractive looks and great value for money, it is a popular option.

Find your ideal corner log cabin with Barewood Buildings

If the above has whetted your appetite for corner log cabins, why not take a look at our full selection today? When you are ready, simply order online or have get in touch with any questions you may . We deliver and fit UK wide but can also be found at our Highfield Garden Centre base in Gloucester.



Key Things to Know About Cannabis Agriculture

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

A few years ago, cannabis agriculture was prohibited because all the plants classified in the cannabis genus were considered to be illegal drugs. These plants mainly included hemp and marijuana. Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill Act, cannabis agriculture is now legal, especially the industrial production of hemp. Farmers, however, have to strictly follow the laid down laws as specified in the act and acquire the needed permits before commencing cannabis agriculture.

Around the 1940s, hemp was one of the most important cash crops because of its multiple uses. It was used as a food crop, in the textile industry, and also in relieving chronic pain. In the 1970s, hemp production was stopped because of the close relationship hemp has with its cousin plant marijuana, bringing cannabis agriculture to a stop.

Several states have now legalized the production of hemp, especially after realizing how the CBD extracted from hemp can be beneficial. In this article, we look at the key things you should know about cannabis agriculture, but first:

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Cannabis agriculture is largely centered on hemp production although a few states are also legalizing the use of marijuana. As mentioned above, hemp and marijuana are classified in the cannabis genus and these two plants look similar in appearance. Even the chemical compounds of these two plants are similar.

Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD (cannabidiols) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Hemp contains more CBD and less THC while marijuana has less CBD and more THC. CBD is mainly used for medical purposes, and although THC also has medicinal abilities, it also has psychoactive effects or mind-altering abilities. The fact that these two plants contain THC was the major reason why cannabis agriculture was stopped for some time.

Do I need any specialized materials to produce hemp?

Hemp farming is not as complicated as the conventional farming materials, equipment, and methods that can be used in hemp production. However, if you are looking to produce high quality hemp rich in CBD, you may require some additional settings or adaptations. Many of the hemp users prefer the hemp produced to be purely organic, which is a reason why you might need these additional adaptations. On top of that, hemp can be farmed in several ways each which may require a different adaptation or equipment.

Where can I get hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds can be sourced from Canada and Europe. Outside the US, you can get a lot of seeds, although the challenge of the THC limit comes up. Legal hemp is required to contain 0.3% of THC or below. A farmer can source hemp seeds, and during the harvest, the hemp can be found to contain a THC level of more than 0.3%. Because of the higher THC content, it is classified as marijuana and cannot be legally sold. Unless you find a way to extract only CBD, the whole harvest may be a waste.

How can a farmer get into about the cannabis farming?

Hemp production is now a lucrative business. This is because hemp produces CBD which is now used by a lot of people to treat several medical conditions. The CBD market is rapidly growing and many farmers are now into hemp production as they try to grab a share of this lucrative business.

If you are a farmer who wants to try hemp farming, you must first confirm from you state whether it has been legalized so that you do not find yourself at the wrong side of the law. There are some states in the US like Iowa which haven’t legalized hemp farming yet. Once you have confirmed that it is legal, you can proceed to apply for all the permits required in hemp production.


Types of winter pool covers

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Winter is coming! Is your pool ready? Not sure. If you plan to close down your pool during winter, a winter pool cover is essential to help prevent your water pool from dirt and debris from pilling inside and provide safety for your cute children and pets.

Here are some option covers to choose from 


Standard winter cover 

A standard winter pool cover is a typical cover that is made of a tarp-like material. It is designed to keep dead leaves, sunlight, and debris away from your pool whenever you do not use the pool. It is good to note winter pool covers available for both inground and above ground pools and are not easy to install.

A standard winter cover quickly deteriorates within a short period of fewer than three years, and they are not the most potent option, although they are crafted to stay firm and in place.  Above the ground, they connected with unique water bags. Keep in mind that they cannot stand heavyweights


Safety covers 

Safety covers usually cost a little more than standard winter pool covers, and installation demands more labor. Most swimming pool owners find it worth the extra cost. If properly maintained and stored, they can stay longer than three years. Safety covers are tough to keep unwatched kids and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. However, there are two types of safety covers 

Solid safety covers: a strong, durable solid pool safety cover that can withstand heavy winters. It can block sunlight to prevent algae from growing. The disadvantage of this safety cover is entirely dependable, and there is no place for ice to melt or pass through, and you will be forced to pump excess water to keep the cover free from excess moisture. 

Mesh safety covers: protects your pool from debris and dirt, and it is deceptively strong. A mesh of heavy duty straps holds it up. The advantage of using a mesh safety cover is it allows water to pass through, and therefore, there is no water pump required. The mesh design can withstand thousands of pounds, and you can use it all winter long with no worries. The disadvantage of it is it does not block sunlight, and it can inhibit algae growth.


Automatic swimming pool cover 

Automatic swimming pool cover comes at a high price, but its hefty price comes with convenience. With just a touch of a button, the retractable cover made of super fabric keeps the sun, debris people, and your pets away from falling and inhibiting your pool. Unlike traditional covers, this one you can operate with a touch of a button or a remote anywhere you are in the world if you have a smart home.

When it comes to safety, it has five stars since nothing can pass through, whether inside or outside. Unfortunately, an automatic swimming pool cover is not right for all pools. They do not fit pools with unusual shapes. Another disadvantage is automatic swimming pool covers are expensive to install, and they require to be replaced after every 6-8 years.


Are Online Slots Likely To Evolve In This Next Decade

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

When you study the history of gambling and more especially the history of slots, what is evident is the continuous evolution of the industry and the products within it. Slots were invented in the 19th century and the evolution of these games was always reliant on technology. However, through time, other factors came into play too such as gambling bans in society – find out more here. This directly influenced the evolution of slots symbols and this is why we have fruit symbols on the reels to this very day. All gambling products are constantly evolving to suit the changing tastes of punters too and the gambling industry has proved time and again, that it really does know and listen to its customers. 

Landmark Events 

Obviously the invention of slots in 1895 is what made the slots industry the juggernaut it is today. Evolution before the digital revolution of the 1990s was subtle and slow for slots. It wasn’t until 1963 when the first electrical slot was made available to the public. The 1970s was the decade that brought punters early attempts at video slots and these were improved upon in the 1980s. The 1990s were the making of the slots industry and this was all down to the digital revolution that continues to push the boundaries of technology to this very day. It was in 1996 that gamblers were first introduced to the wonders of online gambling and this came courtesy of the first online casino and video slot.  These products were delivered straight into punters houses via the internet and desktop computers. 

Slots and Digital Technology 

The internet allowed gambling to be highly accessible and this increased the numbers and types of people that gamble. Online slots gambling became a major pastime and the demand for these games continued to aid the evolution of them. Slots needed to keep up with their video game cousins both in style and quality. This meant bringing advanced graphics and animation into play. What this did was open slot developer’s eyes to the potential of computer graphics and other available digital technology. All this meant that new symbols could be designed to compliment the old ones and symbols could come to life through animation. 

What Will The Future Bring? 

The future continues to be bright for slots and the next decade is of vital importance to the industry as slots prepare to jump to the next level of totally immersive entertainment. The ultimate aim is for slots to rival video games in the gaming experience they offer punters. This is not an easy aim to achieve because video games have much larger budgets to play with.  However, if slots are going to achieve this, then it is highly likely that 3D virtual reality slots will become reality within the next decade. The future of all entertainment is already heading towards full immersion in a virtual world and already the gambling industry has experimented with VR slots and VR casinos.