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Start planning for next year to create some colour in your garden.

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Now is a great time to start to get ready for spring. Gardening is all about planning ahead at this time of year cleaning your pots and greenhouse is a great place to start. Its easy to clean pots and your green house with some Jeyes fluid and a small scrubbing brush.

Get some advice on your gardening projects https://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/gardening-courses/index.html


Time to start some Hyacinths bulbs to produce some indoor flower early next spring

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Time to start some Hyacinths bulbs to produce some indoor flower early next spring
How to plant and grow.
• Almost fill an 8cm (3in) pot with moist bulb fibre, and then push a bulb in gently to half its depth. If you have sensitive skin, wear washing up gloves when handling the bulbs as they release tiny, needle-shape crystals, which can irritate the skin.
• Put pots in a cool, dark place, such as a garage or shed for about ten weeks to allow the roots to grow. If you are growing more than one variety, label with its name or colour to prevent mixing different shades together.
• Check bulbs regularly and water if the compost feels dry.
• When shoots appear, wait until they are about 5cm (2in) high and arrange the three pots in an 18cm (7in) bowl.
• Fill the gaps with more bulb fibre and place in a light spot to flower.
For further advice visit Free Gardening Advice from the GardenAdvice experts https://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/advisor/freeadvice/index.html

Be Careful in the Garden – Over a Third of Household Injuries Take Place in the Garden

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It may not be somewhere that seems particularly dangerous, but the garden is somewhere where accidents are incredibly common and there are a number of hazards. It is important that homeowners that have a garden are aware of these hazards and know how they can stop themselves from suffering an injury in their own backyard – read on to find out more.


The Site of Many Accidents

Accidents in the home is something that was recently researched by personal injury claims specialists the National Accident Helpline who found that 73% of the 2,000 survey respondents had injured themselves multiple times in the home in the past year alone. Interestingly, one-third (33%) of these respondents claimed to have injured themselves in their own garden (the kitchen was the only area where more accidents happened).


Types of Accidents 

So, what kind of accidents are happening in people’s own gardens? It seems that using certain objects in the garden is the most common reason with 33% involving exercise equipment, 20.5% of accidents involving a ladder, 9.7% involving a hosepipe and 9.3% involving a lawnmower. Of course, people are spending more time at home and in their gardens even in winter due to the pandemic so an injury is even more likely which is why people need to be so cautious in the garden.


Gender & Age

In terms of gender, men were slightly more likely to injure themselves in the garden with 36.8% suffering an injury in the garden compared to 30% of female respondents. Women were much more likely to injure themselves using exercise equipment, though, at 40% compared to 25% of male respondents. Age is another important aspect to consider and it was the 55-64 age group that had suffered the most injuries in the garden at 44.2% followed by 65+ at 39.3%. Interestingly, it was the younger age groups that had more injuries with exercise equipment with 18-24-year-olds (69%) and 25-34-year-olds (64%) leading the way. 



The survey also considered the location of where people lived and Bristol was the city that had the most number of people that had suffered an injury in the garden with as many as 57.1% of respondents (this could be due to the fact that gardens are more common compared to other cities). As you would expect with this statistic, Bristol is also where the most accidents involving ladders happened with 42.9%.


As you can see, the garden can be a dangerous place and people need to take great care when spending time here whether they are exercising outdoors, using a ladder, mowing the lawn or even using a hosepipe. Injuries can change many aspects of life and cause a great deal of pain and suffering, so being aware of these dangers and taking extra caution is important.


Christmas decorations for your garden

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe


Decorating your home for the holidays helps get into the festive spirit. And we need it so much right now!

Even though you could buy everything at the store, it’s so much more fun and also environmentally friendly to create your own decorations using foraged materials from the garden or forest.

Using twigs, pine cones, fir, ivy, and other natural materials will bring beauty and the loveliest aromas to your home.

And after the holidays you simply compost them without creating any waste!

Here are some tips on how to create Christmas decorations from your garden.



You can find at least some type of fir in almost all gardens. Pine, conifer, yew are all traditional Christmas decorations, and you can make your own by cutting some branches off (or collect the fallen ones).

You can create the most beautiful wreaths by using a thick wire as a base and elements like cones, ribbons, dried berries and fruit (e.g. dried orange slices) to adorn.

If you don’t want a wreath, you can always simply tie a few fir bunches with a nice ribbon and hang them on the walls, doors or place a few branches on your holiday table as centrepieces.



We almost can’t imagine Christmas decorations without the iconic Christmas plat holly with its bright red berries and spiky leaves.

Even its name stems from the word “holy”. It’s been used since Roman times and today is the florists’ seasonal favourite.

It’s very simple to use. You can create table centrepieces, add it to garlands, wreaths, candle arrangements and fruit baskets.

Holly doesn’t require much else, but if you’d like, you can always add some ribbon or fairy lights.


Crab apples

Old-timey yet making a comeback with the zero-waste movement, crab apples can become the centrepiece of any arrangement.

You can use them instead of glass baubles for your tree, hang from the windows or shelves using beautiful ribbon or place in the middle of your holiday dinner table with a few fir branches around for a clean, minimalistic look.

Make sure you get healthy and bright apples and avoid injured ones as they’ll start rotting quickly.



After the summer some plants are left with dried flowering or fruiting part of the plant which contains the seeds and has a beautiful and fluffy exterior.

According to Gardensillustrated.com, Clematis Vitalba (also called old man’s beard) seedheads are very versatile when it comes to creating natural decorations for Christmas as they emulate the effect of snow or heavy frost.

You can use seedheads to create wreaths and add some flowers, mistletoe, dried berries and ribbon for a finished look.



Another classic and widely available in most gardens, ivy is perfect for table decorations and wreaths.

Cut off a few long tendrils and incorporate in a wreath, then add baubles or dried berries. You’ll receive many compliments from your friends and neighbours!

TheMiddlesizedGarden.co.uk suggests creating the table decorations using tangerines and fairy lights ahead of time as the arrangements can last for a few days. This way you won’t be overwhelmed on Christmas day.



Twigs are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create Christmas decorations.

Cut a few off the trees or bushes in your garden or collect some in the forest or park. Take some time, find twigs in different colours and make sure all of them are healthy and firm.

Simply stick a few twigs in a vase, hang a couple of crab apples, vintage baubles or other ornaments and you’re all set!

If you have the time and will, you can also spray-paint the twigs in red, gold or silver for a modern twist.



Who doesn’t love pinecones? They’re so much fun to collect and add festive spirit with minimum effort.

The possibilities are endless – put them in bowls, jars with some fairy lights or tinsel, add to wreaths and garlands and just place them around the house!

If you want a Christmas project, you can always glue some ribbon on pinecones and hang them on the tree, add some glitter or have your kids come up with something creative.



Evergreen succulents are like ornaments themselves. They’ve become extremely popular in modern floristry recently and no wonder – you can create beautiful decorations with them.

Succulents come in different shapes and sizes giving you the freedom to create.

Place a few succulent pots and incorporate dried red berries and herbs for a fresh look. If you’re using cut succulents, they will be a beautiful addition to any wreath and garland.



Last but not least, the iconic mistletoe used as decoration since pagan times.

With beautiful white berries and green leaves, mistletoe symbolises fertility.

If you have some in the garden, don’t forget to cut off a few sprigs, tie them with ribbon and hang them from the lights or doorways.

Mistletoe can also bring luck: who knows if you don’t win the jackpot or guess the winner of TwinSpires Kentucky Derby?

How to decorate your garden for a Christmas party

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Truth be told, decorating your garden or backyard for a party – leave alone Christmas party, is no easy feat. Gardens are a family’s sanctuary perfect for relaxation while soaking up on sunshine and laughter. From lights to wreaths to trees, there are plenty of home decor to consider when planning a Christmas party. While designing a space is heavily dependent on personal preference, picking comfortable and stylish garden furniture is of paramount importance. Whether you have a small or a large garden, getting the right bits and pieces can create a haven of stillness or a dramatic space perfect for those who want to break a leg at that Christmas party. Below are some interesting ideas to help one decorate their garden effortlessly;



Your patio or backyard should be seen as a way of bringing your home into the open. How this space is styled is a complete reflection of one’s personality. Outdoor decor should seek to spread the holiday cheer in your neighbourhood. An elaborate Christmas party table setting is an easy way to move the fun outdoors. Attention is key hence dress the table with all the necessities. Carefully lay napkins and cutlery in their precise position. Add a statement centrepiece with fresh flowers for that WOW factor. Hang some tinsel and other Christmas decorations on nearby trees and shrubs.



A party without drinks is somewhat of an oxymoron. Creating a makeshift bar or a “drinks station” in the garden is crucial for a Christmas party. The guest will not have to keep returning to the house to refresh their glasses. This makes life easier for the host as he or she has more time to mingle with the guests. The mini-bar shouldn’t be anything complex, garden-party glasses and some jugs on a table will do just fine.



Lighting is a must to keep the party going even after the sun goes down. Christmas lights are always inexpensive and readily available, especially during the festive season. You can hang them on trees or place them along the edge of the verandas. Combining a selection of lighting fixtures is superb in creating a magical aura. Lanterns and candles are the easiest in lighting up the garden, however, if you yearn for more sophistication in your party, opt for a pendant lighting to add volume and flamboyance. 



When it comes to ice breakers, lawn games are fantastic. They are a huge hit with guests of all ages and are the perfect way for everyone to get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Playing games helps reduce stress, build bonds and enhance cognitive functions. Invest in quality and classic games such as a lawn darts or the stacking tower. The croquet, for example, is a party just to keep people active and keep the competitive spirits pumping.



You don’t always have to be conservative when choosing your backyard decor. For instance, you can get crafty with paper pom pom which can be hung on trees, beams and window frames to create a chic party vibe. You can choose to buy or make your own from scratch. Use bright coloured or patterned paper to add a vibrant touch to the space.


Best Low-Maintenance Garden Flowers If You Don’t Have Enough Time

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We all want to have the perfect garden in our backyard, but sometimes that is not possible since the process requires a lot of hard work and spare time. 

NBA star and BetAmerica’s expert pick for player to watch next season (click here to know more), Marc Gasol, recognizes this and the importance of the process. Gasol likes to do gardening to relax in his spare time, growing his own fruits and vegetables and taking care of flowers.

Therefore, growing a perfectly cut grass like Gasol’s is indeed delightful in the end. Still, the development requires a lot of things like cutting, watering, caring and etc.

Fortunately, if you plan the process of making your garden, you can come up with a smart design that features low-maintenance plants that will look good with minimal time and effort.

In today’s article, we will focus on some of the best flowers for those people who don’t have enough time to take care of them.


The name “Cosmos” comes from the Greek word that means “harmony,” and in this case, we are talking about little blooms that have orderly placed petals. They grow in full sun or part shade and reseed, so you would be able to cover your whole garden with Cosmos in 1 year. 

They require little to no care, and they will bloom from spring to autumn.


This is a very long-lived flower that can be seen in the same spot for decades. Peonies are drought-resistant plans and slug-resistant, which explains why they can live that long. They require no maintenance at all, so you don’t have to worry about watering them or cutting them. 

It is important to note that they attract ants, but they are not harmful.


The best thing about coneflower is that you don’t have to worry about the soil. Usually, flowers struggle in poor soil, but the coneflower thrives. It only requires a trim in late summer to rejuvenate its bold blooms. 

If your location receives normal rainfall, you can forget about watering the coneflower.

Creeping Sedum

This is a very robust plant that can survive all kinds of unfavorable conditions. It is usually available in myriad verities and is also known as the stonecrop. 

The Creeping sedum can survive even on the hardest soil, and it can survive all things, even the salt for melting the snow in the winter. It requires no maintenance whatsoever. 

Meadow Sage

In order to spice things up a bit and add color to your garden, the meadow sage is the perfect plant for you. Just because of its long-blooming flowers, your garden will look great most part of the year. They require no maintenance, and you can forget about watering them if your location receives a good amount of rain per year.  

Creeping Thyme

This is the perfect plant for home cooks and lazy landscapers. It is an edible plant that needs little more than warm weather and occasional watering. It is covered in tiny white flowers that will attract butterflies to your yard. 

It is important to note that these flowers cannot survive the winter. If you see cold weather coming up on your forecast, it is best to cover them up just so the freezing temperatures won’t damage them.

Texas Ranger

The texas ranger, otherwise known as lilac, is a vibrant-color plant that wows with its appearance. It comes with purple and magenta blooms and requires low maintenance. The best way to make this plant shine in your backyard is by planting it in full sunlight and waters it only during the summers. 

In the end, you will be rewarded with splashy color and curb appeal. It is a beautiful flower that will accent your backyard perfectly.

Final Words

These are some of the best-looking plants that will make your garden perfect without needing to worry about taking care of the plants. If you don’t have enough time or you are a lazy landscaper, make sure you go with plants that require little to no maintenance. 

That way, you will have a good looking garden without spending any time taking care of your plants.




How To Effectively Keep Pests Out Of Your Bird Feeders

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Pests can be pretty irritating at first.

And you’ll think… 

Maybe they’ll leave the feeder alone eventually.

But they never do. Any pest that finds a sustainable food source would rely on it greatly. And when this happens, they won’t only be “irritating”.

Property damage, infectious diseases, contamination, and disturbance are just “some” of the things they can offer. And I believe you’d love to decline.

Here are a few ideas to effectively keep your feeders pest-free.

Pest Classification

Bees And Wasps

If birds love sugary nectar, then surely do bees and wasps. 

Normally, both of these species share flower nectar to live. But when it comes to a one or few bird feeders, hundreds of bees swarming around is surely an issue. 

Birds wouldn’t even think twice in getting as far as they could from this infested feeder, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. 


Any ant species would go crazy over a sugar source. After they inform their colony about it, you’ll soon find a swarm of them invading your feeder. 

This won’t really harm the birds, but they’ll surely contaminate the feeder. Not to mention seeing their swarm will give you chills!

You can check out this article if your only goal is to keep ants out of hummingbird feeders.


Rodents would definitely eat any food they find.

 If they smell any food source, they’d do anything to find it, no matter how hard it is to reach. 

And once they begin to nibble on something, it won’t be clean at all, so you can expect a lot of seeds to spill and attract other pests. 

What’s scarier about this is that rodents reproduce at a fast pace. This means that if you don’t take action, they’ll soon reside on your property and damage it.

Rats And Mice

Not only can they wipe out your supply but also carry infectious diseases and leave their droppings around. This is both risky for the wild birds and disgusting. 

Raccoons And Opossums

Aside from being amazing climbers, they also have such dexterous hands that are good enough to destroy your feeders by chewing and pulling them apart. 


Squirrels are adorable.

And feeding them isn’t such a reach… if it was just some “occasional snack”, but squirrels eat EVERYTHING.

You’ll find them eating all the food while chewing and damaging the feeder at the same time. 



Your feeders require monthly cleaning and disinfecting. The more often you clean them, the better, as long as you can guarantee no traces or residues. 

Although rodents are exceptional climbers, they prefer to ground-feed like most pests and don’t actually climb feeders immediately. What pests commonly do is wait for spilled food on the ground to snack on. 

Immediately pick up and clean fallen food ASAP. You can also use a broom to sweep them up. 

Seed Catcher/Tray

Let’s admit it, not all of us have the time to check up our feeders and keep it clean. 

A seed catcher is a tray you install onto the pole of the feeder. Some feeders already come with mounted trays, some with detachable ones, there are also seed trays sold individually. 

These catch and collect the seeds and food that the birds drop for you. All you need to do is empty it at the end of the day. 

No-Waste Bird Food

Now that you have a tray to collect all the spills for you, it’s not really a good idea to just throw the food it gathered away.

No-waste bird foods exist so that you can recycle and save food for their next feeding.  

These seed mixes may be on the costly side, however, cheap seed mixes often contain low-quality seeds that birds intentionally throw away. With no-waste bird food, you can guarantee reduced amounts of waste and a happier mealtime. 



If we humans feel more comfortable when we have refuge near us, then so do pests. They wouldn’t think twice in approaching your bird feeder if it’s surrounded by objects to sneak and hide in.

These objects are commonly overgrown terrain. It is a good idea to ensure your feeder is located in a clear and open area far enough (at least 10 feet) from both terrain and your home. 


Feeder Isolation is one way to prevent pests from visiting your feeder. But since rodents can effortlessly climb such poles, baffles seal the plan.

These are upside-down bowl-like feeder accessories that can be attached below a feeder (on its pole). They are made of a rust-free slippery material and can either be purchased in nearby hardware or made at home.

This, of course, doesn’t work on flying pests, but can be a great defense against many animals.

Feeder Guards

Now, for tiny flying pests, feeder guards have your back.

These are guards you can fit over the feeding holes to limit the pests’ access without hindering birds. It is best to stay away from yellow-colored guards as they tend to attract bees, red or while guards are ideal. 

You should also keep in mind that the feeder should not be leaking, dripping, or spilling, not even one tiny bit. There’s a huge chance that pests won’t even notice the feeder if they can’t smell or see food on the ground.

Ant moats are basically baffles for ants.

They’re a barrier that holds water and can be attached or hung over a feeder, some feeders already have these built-in too.

Weight Sensitive Perches

If not a baffle, maybe you can try weight sensitive perches.

These are somehow twice as effective as they work on both rodents and flying pests as long as they are of significant weight.

They’re literally spring-loaded perches that lower and closes the feeder hole collapsing once it carries a specific weight. They have adjustable weight settings for numerous pest species. 



Feeders don’t only tend to one or two pet birds but numerous wild birds each month, which makes it prone to damage. Not to mention the strong wind, ever-changing weather, and the strong will of pests to get their hands on the food supply. 

Unfortunately, feeders always break in ways that make it easier for pests to access. 

Checking your feeders for tiny dents every two-three weeks can help avoid it from getting more damaged than it already is, and to keep your local birds happy

You should also keep in mind that the feeder should not be leaking, dripping, or spilling, not even one tiny bit. There’s a huge chance that pests won’t even notice the feeder if they can’t smell or see food on the ground.




Alternative ways to use a garden log cabin

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Having a garden log cabin is like having an extra room in your house. You might be wondering what you can do with all this space, or indeed if you need a log cabin for sale. There are actually plenty of ways to use timber buildings; which means that they are suitable for everybody! In this blog post, we’ll look at some examples.

Home office

More and more people are working from home. This is the ideal solution for those who don’t have a dedicated in-house workspace, and want to feel at home while also managing to switch from home mode to work mode! A timber building office is ideal; getting into the garden somewhat mimics a commute, yet you will still be very close to the house to enjoy all the perks of working from home in your own log cabin.

Garden bar

If you have a large garden and often have people over for dinner and drinks, a garden bar is perfect! You don’t need too much furnishing for this idea; just a bar, and possibly a fridge. If you don’t have a fridge, you could use the space to store non-perishable drinks and just bring over ice whenever the bar is in use.





Prefer to work up a sweat? It’s easy to install a gym in your timber cabin, and you don’t need any fancy equipment! Just grab an exercise mat and weights or a resistance band to begin with. You might want to eventually add a treadmill or an exercise bike, but these certainly aren’t essential.

If you are new to working out, you may find it beneficial to start with some exercise videos. This means that you’ll need a WiFi connection in your log cabin; you might be able to connect to your house WiFi or use data on your phone.

If the gym’s not really your thing, but you like a good stretch, you could also use the same principles to make a gym log cabin into a yoga studio.

Games room

For something a bit more chilled, how about a games room? If your cabin is big enough, you could install a football, table tennis, or snooker table; if you don’t have the room, you can get tabletop games to put on a table. Dartboards are easy to acquire and inexpensive to set up, and you can also add a set of shelves stuffed with board games, that’s why many people in the UK now desire their own games room log cabin.


Hopefully, these ideas have given you some garden building inspiration – there’s definitely something for everybody when it comes to timber log cabins, get in touch today to see how we can help you.


Slots Promotions at Casinos Online Explained

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Most online casinos are going to want to entice new players to join in with their games rather than try out the competition. This means they will offer fantastic (or otherwise) incentives to get them to choose their casino over someone else’s.

These slot promotions will be costing the casino money in the first instance, but the hope is that, once people sign up and use them, and they start to enjoy Cozino site and the games there, they will pay in more than they were given, so the casino won’t lose out at all. That’s the theory, and it’s one that seems to work out most of the time. After all, what’s not to like about slots? 

Players can use these slot promotions to their advantage, but only if they are able to spot a good promotion from a bad one. All the welcome bonuses might look very similar, but there will be differences, and it’s the small print that will give you that information. So before you go ahead and sign up for something, make sure you know just what you’re getting into. Here are some examples of what to look out for.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements of each casino and each promotion are going to differ, even if they initially seem very similar, if not exactly the same. Let’s assume that the welcome bonus is a matched deposit, wherein the casino will – up to a certain amount, of course – match whatever the player deposits. In other words, the player will double their money just by agreeing to play on a particular site. It sounds fantastic, as this will mean you can either play for longer or you’ll be able to place larger bets. Either way, it’s a good thing. 

Or is it? It will entirely depend on the wagering requirements of this promotion. The wagering requirements will state how much money the player needs to have paid in before they can withdraw any winnings. If, for example, you had initially paid in £100, and you were given a £100 matched deposit, but the wagering requirement was ten times the initial stake, you would actually have to pay in £1000 before you could withdraw anything. Assuming you had won less than that, it wouldn’t be worth doing. If you won more, of course you’d get your money back, but would you have enough cash to pay in to trigger the withdrawal? 

What Are The Best Bonuses?

So knowing that some bonuses aren’t as good as they might seem at first, what are the ones you’re really going to want to indulge in? The best are the ones that allow you to play any game you want to, mixing and matching between slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and more. Some bonuses only allow you to play on slots, or they are specific on the exact slot you have to play. This might not suit you, so it’s good to have the choice. Make sure you check this out before you agree to play on a particular site.


Review of Avalon Slot

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Another great release from the original gaming giant. Microgaming’s release from the world of knights and princesses – Camelot. This fantasy theme takes place in the mythical world of the Knights of the Round Table and Kind Arthur himself. Avalon features some great gameplay features. This legendary slot will have you coming back for more adventure and fun with all the medieval characters. Travel beyond time and the real-world to the fantastical world of Avalon, you won’t regret earning your weight in gold – play Avalon today.

Avalon General Info

Should you choose to accept the burden and help King Arthur; legendary tales await your gallant gameplay, as well as, riches beyond your desires. Carry on the legacy in this fantastical world of Camelot in this 5-reel, 20 payline slot. This slot is carefully designed with striking graphics that keep players immersed in the gameplay. Avalon is a well-designed slot by Microgaming, suited to all players.

Microgaming Slot Developer

Online casinos had to have started somewhere right? Microgaming is the company that has been there since the beginning. They created the first online casino ever! Microgaming has managed to stay on top by producing top-notch slots and created software for various online casinos. For more than 20 years Microgaming has been building their portfolio of games and Avalon is no exception.


If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to be the ruler of your own kingdom this is the slot for you. This game features the treasure of legends passed down, many braves have searched and tried their luck. You could be the new heir to the throne and all its riches, the risk is nothing. The prizes are certainly worth taking Avalon for a spin.

Avalon Special Features

Beyond the adventurous gameplay, there are amazing bonuses that promise massive prizes if you manage to trigger these bonus features. The free spins to start with are activated by landing at least 3 Lady of the Lake symbols, 12 free spins are then rewarded to you. Along with each spin comes a multiplier that increases your pay out by a random amount.

The wild is represented by a symbol of a chest along with the Avalon slot symbol. Both of these symbols help substitute other symbols to create winning combinations. These can replace any symbol on the board except the scatter symbol.

The most exciting feature of this game is the gambling feature that gives players the chance to increase their prizes after each winning spin. This is done through a minigame: gambling your stake. This minigame involves trying to guess what colour or suit is picked from a deck of cards. If you guess right, your prizes are multiplied.


This classic slot is an oldie but a goodie, it still holds up when it comes to its design and other aspects. This is a slot worth trying as it is certainly one of Microgaming’s finest creations. Join this fantastical adventure into the legendary kingdom of Camelot and you could win riches beyond your dreams.