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4 Advantages of a Wooden Garage

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A garage is one of the essentials in a new house. It provides shelter for your vehicles, and can also be converted into a storage space to keep all your items. Converting a garage is relatively easy and requires minimal effort as well. The structure/space does also help improve your home’s aesthetics significantly.


While you can hire a contractor to help build the garage from scratch, it wouldn’t hurt checking out various prefabricated wooden garage designs on the internet. Most of these are made using the best quality wood hence value for money.  Depending on the available space, it would be advisable to choose a larger version of the garage. This makes it possible to store other items in the garage including garden furniture, garden tools, table tennis tables, bikes, and toys. Going for a larger garage also ensures you won’t have to invest in a new one should you require more space. Outlined below are some of the advantages of investing in a wooden garage.


  1. It Helps Reduce Current Costs

Investing in a wooden garage helps cut down current costs in many ways. For starters, it protects the car, vehicle, garden furniture, garden tools, or your motorcycle from extreme weather and theft. It will also influence insurance rates on your car or bike as well. The fact that your beloved car will be protected/shielded from weather and uninvited guests means you can sleep soundly at night. You don’t have to worry about leaving the vehicle exposed to most of these elements.  The garage also brings about order in the house, meaning your items will be kept in a safe and dry place, which again improves their durability significantly.


The same applies for a workshop full of expensive materials and tools. The workshop makes it possible to keep all your production items safe and well protected. The benefits of investing in a wooden garage outweigh those built using other materials.


  1. It Compares Well with Other Garage Types

Timber is a natural material that integrates well with almost anything in the house or garden. It even adds an extra touch of appeal if there are trees and a few woody plants around the garden. These give it a log-house kind of feel and charm. In addition to this, timber blends relatively well with almost any other material hence can be used in any natural environment. Wooden garages also come in a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.  This gives you the freedom to choose a plan that best fits your home.


A wooden garage also has a better aesthetic appeal as compared to cold hard concrete walls or steel garages.  In addition to this, building a wooden garage from prefabricated wooden planks is much easier and less time consuming as compared to using building block for the same project.  The same applies to steel garages that require specialized tools and expertise to build one. With a wooden garage, all you need is assemble the wooden planks, an exercise that will take only a fraction of the time it would take to build a concrete garage.


  1. Quick and Easy to Construct

Wooden garages come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. This gives you the freedom to choose whichever design you wish to have. You can also make a custom order of a wooden garage with your specifications and features. Among other features, you can have the garage customized to fit your preferred roof pitch, choose a custom wood finish, as well as window and door designs to match with the main house. Once a custom order is made, the manufacturing company ensures all the customized pieces are delivered to your doorstep ready for assembling.  They also provide a step by step construction manual to help you assemble the garage without facing any problems. A bit of DIY experience in woodwork may be required to construct the garage from scratch. You should be able to complete the entire project comfortably in two or three days.


Constructing/assembling a wooden garage is easy. The prefabricated designs are also easy to disassemble as well.  This means you can have the garage erected somewhere else without necessarily having to invest in a new one. The same cannot however be said for steel and concrete garages. The welding process in steel is hardly reversible, hence cannot be dismantled and redesigned again without causing damage.


It is worth noting that, fabricated garages come with a DIY guide to help you every step of the way. Most of the tools required for this project are readily available – chances are you own them already.  Timber also makes it possible to make alterations to the original design, as well as add extensions without damaging the garage.


  1. Timber is an Excellent Natural Insulator

Wood is one of the best natural insulators that helps keep the room warm during winter and cool during summer. In addition to this, wooden garages are considerably drier as compared to those made of steel and concrete. As an added benefit, timber inhibits condensation in the garage. This keeps your items and expensive equipment dry and free from dampness. Keeping a concrete or steel garage dry and free from humidity can be quite a challenge. Timber, on the other hand, has moisture regulating properties that help keep the garage as dry as possible.


Timber makes it possible to regulate temperatures inside. With a hot engine, maintaining favourable temperatures can be quite tasking for concrete and steel garages – this is unlike wooden garages that remain dry and comfortable regardless of the weather.


Why would you choose expensive and complicated materials for your garage when timber is readily available. A wooden garage could be the answer and solution to your needs.


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