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5 Fantastic Ways To Transform Your Garden Shed Into A Personal Oasis

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

The domestic garden building market in the UK is predicted to grow by 12% until 2022, according to AMA Research. The developed state of the market means a reliable, affordable source of supplies and tools. As a result, now is the perfect time to invest in your garden shed. This is the perfect opportunity to turn your garden shed into something fantastic.

Garden sheds are the most quintessential part of the British garden. As such, it deserves to be a highlight of the home. Check out these 5 fantastic ways to transform your garden shed into a personal oasis.

Choose An Overarching Design Theme 

To kick off your garden shed makeover, first, choose a theme that makes your interests. It can be a simple aesthetic style such as a beach bungalow or a Scandinavian design. You can also pick a functional theme, like a garden pub, outdoor library, or workstation. It’s important to have the idea for the final look of the shed down before setting to work on it.

Mix Modern With Traditional Style 

If you’re looking to combine traditional style with modern aesthetics, ceramic tiles are usually the way to go. If you’re worried about potential hazards, consider non-slip tiles as they are safer for the household even when wet or during extreme weather. They’re also the easiest to match with a vast majority of design schemes.

Design The Exterior

Once you’ve decided on the main theme, it’s time to start work on the exterior. Depending on your chosen style, this may involve something as drastic as modifying the shape of your shed. This will mean having to break down portions of the wall and building on top of your original design. It would be best to hire outside help for this if you have little experience with restructuring an outbuilding.

Then, select exterior colours and trappings that align with the design theme you chose. Unless you want your shed to be inconspicuous, it is best to give it an exterior quality that makes it stand out. However, if your chosen theme coincides more with subtle colours, stand out using striking accents and trimmings.

Spruce Up The Interior 

The trick to a fantastic garden shed interior is to make it feel homey, while having its own distinct feel. The design concept for curtains also applies for wallpaper and tiling. Wallpapers benefit the most from bold colours and vibrant patterns. But if you want opting for a subtler colour scheme, solid colour or simple graphics are the way to go.

Personalise and Organise The Space

To give the shed a homey feel, add a personal touch to the space. Add things like family photos, cushions, plants, quilts, etc. These items can make the shed feel more personalised. As for organisation, there are a plethora of space-saving ways you can improve your shed’s functionality. This will allow you to store more items while still maintaining a good flow throughout the shed.

Creating the ultimate garden shed is a matter of combining design with functionality. Stay true to your chosen theme and organise the space. In return, your shed will transform into your very own garden oasis.

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