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5 Ways To Create A Sustainable Garden This Summer

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Achieving sustainability is a difficult task. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or reinvigorating your garden, there are plenty of useful and innovative ways to create a sustainable outdoor space that looks marvellous too. Sustainability is not only crucial in supporting our planet, it can also help you save money in the long run.


  1. Compost Your Waste

Composting if the first easy step you can take to achieve a sustainable garden. Too often we can be guilty of getting rid of waste that could have been recycled and used for composting – beneficial to our gardens and wallets. In fact, there are countless waste products that can be used on your compost heap, including: plant trimmings, tea bags, leaves and uncooked vegetables. You can dedicate a space for your compost heap, ideally at the end of your garden, and add your components throughout the year. Once you have utilised all of your compost, simply start the process again.


  1. Invest In All-Weather Furniture

Summer wouldn’t be the same without spending quality time outside with our loves ones. BBQ’S, family get-togethers, and alfresco dining is what summer is about. But what happens to our garden furniture when the rain season descends upon us? You could try and fit it in the shed, bring it indoors even, or leave it outside with a cover on and hope for the best. It can be a hassle finding beautiful garden furniture but having nowhere to keep it safe in the winter months. That’s where all-weather wicker sofas comes in, with rain proof material -ideal for all year round it’s the perfect addition to any sustainable garden.


  1. Create Your Organic Garden

Organic produce has never been more popular, with healthy eating and leading an active lifestyle having an impact on how people live their lives. It’s becoming increasingly important to think about what we are consuming and putting into our bodies. It’s significant to know where our food comes from; has it been covered with chemicals, is it fresh, and does it contain the nutrients your body needs? That’s where growing your own comes in. You can see your food lifecyle from beginning to end, overseen from start to finish. Not only is this an extremely fun and satisfying experience, but it also encourages you to eat more of your 5-a-day. This is especially ideal for vegetarians and vegans, or anyone who wants to incorporate more fresh food into their diet.


  1. Use Old “Junk”

There is such a thing as a fashionable garden. You’d know it if you saw it – the ones with an old wheelbarrow as a plant pot, a rustic illusion garden mirror, old cuts of slabs as mosaic wall art. It looks impressive and complicated. But it’s not just for professional gardeners or artistic landscapers – you can do that too! If you get creative, you can easily think of ways to recycle any old furniture or items that you would otherwise throw away. A fantastic tip is having a look in charity shops or scrap heaps. If you stumble upon an old table or unloved chair; sand it down, give it a fresh coat of paint and there you have it – shabby chic furniture with an eco-friendly journey. The perfect addition to your stylish garden.


  1. Save Your Seeds

Perhaps one of the most obvious but underused way of creating a sustainable garden is to consider re-planting from old seeds. This a simple fundamental way to help you in your sustainability journey. Once your plant is mature, it will produce seeds before it eventually dies out. When you notice your plant producing seeds, don’t let them go! Keep them, save them, and re-plant them for another flourishing garden next year. There is absolutely no need to purchase new plants every year, when you can salvage usable seeds and become self-sufficient. It also means you will be saving money at the same time.

So, there you have it, 5 top tips for creating a sustainable garden this summer. Try out your favourites and see how you get on. Living a fully sustainable life has never been so easy.

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