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5 Ways To Deal With Road Noise

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Road noise is one of the several cons you have to deal with when living near civilization. Even the most expensive and most beautiful properties in the neighborhood have to deal with traffic/road noise. This is anything from screeching tires, car horns, loud stereos, or even the sound of rubber (tires) running against the pavement/asphalt.

To some, the sound of traffic is relaxing. Most people however find traffic noise irritating. Many people living near roads choose to invest in indoor water features or even white noise machines to help muffle the noises. If you find road noise irritating, simple landscaping can help reduce the noise levels. Outlined below are a few tips and ideas on the matter and if you want more details check out this piece on how to reduce road noise at home..


  1. Erect Solid Barriers

While this may sound cliche, solid barriers provide a cheap and effective way to deflect sound away from the business, home, or garden. A solid wall about 2 meters tall would be the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce traffic noise. This option might however costly for you, or not even feasible within your area. If that’s the case, you can then choose to go with solid wood fencing. This option takes up less space, is affordable, and even easier to put up.

The solid barrier doesn’t necessarily have to be 2 meters high.  A waist-high solid wall is equally effective if erected close to the source of the sound, e.g., road. This may however be practical if your house if farther away. A large and high enough solid barrier might be the only solution for such a case.


  1. Plant Some Vegetation

If a tall wall isn’t an option, you might then want to introduce tall vegetation to act as a barrier. Vegetation works notably better than a solid wall. One of the advantages of using vegetation is that it acts as a physical barrier between you and the source of the sound, hence deflecting sound waves away from your ears. In addition to this, the soft leaves and vegetation absorb much of the sound, thus reducing its effects significantly. If any noise manages to pass through, it will be mild and something you can handle. This however isn’t the case with solid walls that produce echo should the sound pass through.

While soft vegetation may not be as effective as a solid wall or fence, it should help reduce dampen the noise.  You also do not need to get permission to plant vegetation around your property. This also provides a cost-effective way of dealing with road noise.

Using both a solid wall and vegetation provides a practical solution to road pollution. The wall will deflect the sound while the vegetation absorbs any that passes through. This reduces the risk of echoing.


  1. Masking

There are instances where introducing tall vegetation, or even erecting a solid wall aren’t an option. Masking the noise might work particularly well too.  As mentioned earlier, most people choose to use white noise machines, as well as water features to help mask noise. Indoor water features mainly come in handy in absorbing and even creating soothing sounds that dampen external sounds. Waterfalls, water fountains, etc. are good examples of water features you can use to mask road noise.

Using plants around the property can also help mask road noise. Pampas grass and bamboo are good examples of vegetation that duces audible but soothing noises at the smallest breeze. The rustling sound of leaves should help reduce and even mask the noise significantly.


  1. Trellis

Trellis or a string garden wire can also help mask road noise. Introducing a climbing plant, e.g., jasmine or honeysuckle to weave around the mesh also helps create a sound barrier. Jasmine and other climbing plants will not only help mask the noises but also produce a sweet natural smell that helps neutralize odor and other kinds of air pollution/


  1. Acoustic Fencing

If you have some money to work with, you can then invest in acoustic fencing for the best performance. The thick solid fence is a good sound barrier which also reflects sound waves. This leaves your garden peaceful and quiet, just the way you like it.

It is almost impossible to get rid of traffic noise from your home or garden completely. This, however, doesn’t mean you cannot get the tranquility and peacefulness everyone needs in their homes. The solutions and ideas outlined above should help you deal with road noise effectively.



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