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How A Garden Can Effect A Properties Value.

In CategoryTim Whitcombe
ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Over the last few years a properties garden has started to effect the overall value of a property to a greater extent than ever before.  20 years ago a properties value was hardly effected by the garden other than the size of the garden. But now in an increasingly environmental concerns and in an Internet enabled world  gardens are starting to add to the overall value of a property

in some unexpected ways. Their are a number of points to consider when valuing a garden in association with a properties value.

Home office and working space – over the last few years working from home has become very popular splitting your time between a city office and you home office so a purpose build home office is going to increase the value of your property.

Water – although we have had one of the wettest summer ever in the UK the change in weather means that we are also likely to get some very dry summers especially in the south of the UK. This means any garden or property that has a source of water from which it can water the garden to keep it looking green in the summer is going to be worth more to buyers and so increases the properties value.

Streams and Large ponds or lakes – With the cost of energy set to raise over the next few years, providing some of your own energy from the garden in a property has many advantages. With a stream such as a chalk stream that runs all year or a welsh mountain hill side stream energy can be generated with a small turbine unit installed in the stream.  With a large pond or lake heat exchange piping can be installed in the base of the lake or the stream to extract heat and energy even during the winter months. Being able to provide some of your own energy will increase the value of your property.

Mature planting – has always increased the value of your property but now with the focus on energy saving it added another reason which might increase property value, which is as property with mature planting is likely to be more energy efficient as the planting acts as a windbreak creating a mirco climate which will hold some of the temperature build up during the day locally to the house and help stop heat loss from the properties walls.

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