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All You Need To Know About Log Cabins

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ByGardenAdvice Tim Whitcombe

Log cabins have taken off in popularity in recent years. If you’re interested in one and wish to make a smart decision when picking a cabin, then read on to get in the know. 

1.  Trees Are A Type Of Renewable

As trees are a type of renewable resource, timber and log houses present with a solid green pedigree.  Once a house is created using solid logs, you are effectively removing the carbon within the logs from environmental circulation over the full life of the building.  Furthermore, certain timber and log house producers harvest standing dead timber, often done in by insects, or buy logs from forests that are certified as sustainable.  Builders are also constructing timber and log homes according to building standards. 


2.  A Long Lasting Structure

Do you have a know-it-all in your community who believes his brick home is the most durable house?  Inform him at once that the timber and log homes still utilized in Europe date back more than 800 years.  In fact, a log-constructed church located in Russia is reportedly more than 1,700 years old.


3.  Withstanding Mother Nature’s Elements

The timber and log home industry is one involving numerous stories of these houses successfully weathering the most detrimental of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina.  Rita’s winds caused a large oak tree to crash through the roof of Menlo Klingman’s house; however, Mickey’s 1,700 square foot timber and log house in Easter Texas withstood the weight of the tree preventing any damage to the property.  According to Mickey, there is no doubt in his mind that the timber and log home saved his and his family’s lives.


4.  Fitting The Land

As wood is an organic building material, the resulting structures will blend into the topography similar to a 10-point buck on opening day.  Log and timber homes fit naturally into any environmental landscape as compared to being awkwardly imposed on the setting.


5.  Fast Framing

If you opt to utilize a pre-cut and pre-drilled logging system or a customized house, the shell of the building can be framed on the site faster than the standard stick framing option.  This will reduce the chance of weather-related damage, mildew or mold problems.  Using the correct building system, and with the right crew, the structure can be weather-resistant without two weeks if it is an average-sized house.  According to conventional construction, a house is exposed to weather for longer and this can result in mold problems within the building frames, where it can remain undetected for several years.


6.  The Warmth Of Wood

Unlike cold sheetrock, wood is a material that is warm to the touch.  This is due to the fact that it has a “thermal mass” – a natural element within the logs – that will keep the interior temperature of the house comfortable throughout the year.  By having the “thermal mass” log walls can collect and store energy, then radiate the energy back into the building.


7.  Highly Energy Efficient

Provided the house is adequately sealed between the first course of logs and foundation, as well as between the log-to-log connections and where the roof meets the walls, you will have a highly energy efficient home.  Some builders tend to build timber and log homes in accordance with the DOE’s “Energy Star” regulations meaning it will be approximately 30 percent more efficient than the average building code stipulates.  


8.  The Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words

Hanging a picture in a house with drywall can be a mission involving a drill or hammer, a stud finder, and some bruised fingers – possibly a bruised ego if your partner tells you to move the picture and have to perform some patch work.  However, many homeowners have reported the ease of hanging pictures in timber and log homes without any bruises of any sort.


9.  Rustic Should Not Be Associated With No Technology

While the idea of rugged living is an attractive one, roughing it in the 21st century is not an option.  This is why today’s timber and log homes are increasingly automated and secure.  The majority of timber and log homeowners are starting to add backup generators, security systems, and CAT 5 wiring to accommodate voice and data systems, high speed video operations, and various other communication tech.

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